It’s said that good people
are hard to find.

Well, if it was easy everybody
would be doing it.

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The northwest’s rec2rec headhunting specialists

We find

Great recruitment professionals might be hard to find, but it’s something at which we excel. Operating primarily in the northwest, we’re adept at finding top performers – many of whom aren’t on the open job market – to fill key recruitment jobs.

About Futura

We negotiate

Our success rate is high because we stay in the loop, handling the negotiations between the recruitment professional and the recruitment company – focused on finding a win/win that secures the newcomer into the job.

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We land

Finally, we make it happen. Closing the deal on behalf of the recruitment provider is one of the key reasons that our recruitment success rate is so high – and why we’re the northwest’s leading rec2rec company.

How we work

We find recruitment specialists

Based in Greater Manchester, Futura is the UK’s largest and most successful recruitment-to-recruitment company outside London – and is the northwest’s rec2rec recruitment job specialist.

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We find recruitment executives

Futura has a senior rec2rec specialist, dedicated to finding the best top-talent to fill key senior and executive board-level jobs within the recruitment industry – right across the UK.

We are currently resourcing


Gameweek 2 Review
22 Aug 2016

Hull have been absolutely brilliant in their first two games but whatever you do, don’t run away with the idea that they could do a Leicester or even a Bournemouth. Mike Phelan has spent almost his entire post playing career as a coach or an assistant manager and spending 5 years as Taggart’s number 2 can’t have done him any harm at all. He’s been able to put all that experience to great use at the KCOM. However, with just 13 fit senior players in his squad and 10 short days before the end of the current window, Hull’s chances of having anything but a desperate campaign are slim indeed.

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Recruitment training

Award-winning interview techniques

Interviews are obviously the key point in the recruitment process. It doesn’t matter how good you are at your job, if you don’t interview well it will limit your career choices.