About Futura Rec2Rec

Founded in 2001, Futura is one the longest established rec2rec companies in the UK and has a management team with over 80 years’ experience in recruitment, most of that in rec2rec.

Supporting the management team are some of the best rec2rec professionals in the country, responsive professional people who work closely with our clients and candidates to find the best match for each role.

Our customers tell us that two things really set Futura apart: our expertise and our track record. We’re good at understanding the kind of person a company is looking for and then locating and placing that person with the minimum of fuss.

We have a database of around 20,000 candidates – around half of them in the Northwest. Our dedicated team of researchers maintains contact with the best of recruitment talent around – including many who are not yet looking for work (usually some of the best people).

A great deal of our work comes from referrals from people who are happy with the service we have given them – we also pay for referrals, which we think is a fair reward for helping us find someone more effectively.

Everybody that we put forward for a role has been interviewed by us: we don’t – ever – put someone forward unless we are confident that they are suitable. This assessment also includes understanding their reasons for changing roles, the potential for a counter-offer and its acceptance – in short, we don’t want to waste our clients’ time with people who are looking to use the interview process as a means to gain a better package with their current employer.

Rather than trying to build a massive client list, we concentrate on giving the best service to our current customers – working in close partnership with a smaller number of customers has proven to be the best way to develop our business.

As an ethically run business, we work hard to minimise our impact on the environment – and have been independently certified as a carbon-neutral company, a status that has been achieved through a combination of internal initiatives and carbon offsetting.


“I owe a lot to Tim, my first impressions of Rec2Rec agencies haven’t been good - and Tim has restored my faith that there are some good Rec2Recs who care about placing you in the right role. He listened to what I wanted and selected a few places to interview with; he would listen to what I wanted and always arranged calls to suit me. He has now placed me and it couldn’t be a better fit or opportunity for me and my career, I can not thank Tim and Futura enough.”

Futura candidate