Finding talent managers

You find the talent. We find the talent managers.

Talent-management teams are highly skilled at finding people for their own industry. Yet, even the best talent‑management teams know that some people are really tough to find – in fact, people who are just like them. Talent managers.

That’s where we come in. We’re Futura. We specialise in finding the very best people for talent-management teams. People who really know how to recruit; people with talent-management experience.

We’re good at it, too: we’ve been in business for over fourteen years and are one of the biggest and most successful companies of our kind.

We’re not only trusted by talent-management teams, we also deal with most leading firms in the recruitment industry itself – they come to us because they’re geared up to find people for their clients, not the people they hire for themselves. We’re better at finding those people for them: we’re adept headhunters, connected with the best people in the talent-management and recruitment space. We’re skilled at filling those hard-to-fill roles. We get the job done. We save time; we save money.

Let Futura find your new talent managers – freeing up your current talent managers to do what they do best.

Get in touch to get things moving: and to get more talent into your talent-management team.


“Tim Goodwin is the ultimate professional: he took the time to understand that I wasn't looking for a normal recruitment job and came back with the perfect opportunity for me to grow a business the way I want to. I would not hesitate recommending him and look forward to working with him on the other side of the fence!”

Futura candidate