Getting the most from Futura

Getting the most from Futura

Our long experience in rec2rec and proven track record enables us to help clients to get the most from our service – and to find the right people faster, with far less hassle.

We can help you to get the most from using us, through a few simple guidelines. These are based on our extensive experience of the recruitment process, and can help to make finding and hiring a new person (or team) much, much easier.

  • Don’t ask us to send you lots and lots of CVs right away. This may seem like ‘getting things moving’ but actually wastes time. We want to understand exactly what you are looking for, profile and research potential candidates – and only submit ones who are suitable.
  • Let us meet with you and get to know you. To find the right people, it’s essential that we understand your company and its culture. The more we know you, the better we can help you – in fact, we won’t work with a new client until we can meet.
  • Don’t grill candidates at the first interview. The first interview is very important for both sides and pressing people too hard early on can result in losing a great candidate. Remember sometimes that the best candidates are not looking for work so can take the most effort to recruit – an aggressive first interview can put the candidate off for good.
  • Make decisions quickly. When people want to move, they want to see progress. A company that takes a long time to make decisions can be seen as one that is uninterested – or even unresponsive, which a potential employee can perceive as being unattractive attributes.
  • Let us broker the deal. Our success rate is considerably higher when we make the offer and handle the candidate – for example, we are used to handling counter-offers (or pressure from the current employer) that can cause recruitment deals to collapse.
  • Give us honest feedback. We want to do the right job – if we put forward someone who isn’t suitable, or we aren’t performing in the way you expect, tell us. This gives us a chance to put things right and to improve our service. We think we’re very good – but if there are ways to improve our service, we want to hear about them.

“I approached Tim Goodwin at Futura as well as a large number of other recruiters when looking for employment in 2009. It is fair to say that Tim was by far the most productive of the recruiters utilised, resulting in being offered a position with a highly respected company. Tim kept in touch throughout the process and demonstrated a high level of knowledge within the North West marketplace. Obviously I hope not to have to utilise Tim's services in the near future but strongly recommend him to other consultants.”

Futura candidate