Our team

Futura is led by an industry-leading management team, that boasts over 80 years’ experience in recruitment – the majority of that in Rec2Rec.

  • Picture of Bernie Wilcox

    Bernie Wilcox

    Tel: 0161 923 9000

    Bernie has worked in recruitment for over 30 years, including as managing director of a large international recruitment company with a turnover of around £135 million. Bernie is known for his honest approach and his welcoming personality. Bernie is a goal-driven high achiever. His broad range of management experience makes him a good sounding board for others wanting business advice.

  • Picture of John Whalley

    John Whalley

    Managing Director, executive & boardroom
    Tel: 0161 923 9000
    Mob: 07811 263344

    With 25 years in recruitment, including 9 years in a commission-only role in sales and marketing recruitment, and a strong background in headhunting, John is a highly experienced recruitment professional. John is a creative thinker, often able to look at recruitment campaigns in a new and interesting way. He’s a very hands-on leader who personally handles top-level appointments for Futura.

  • Picture of Tim Goodwin

    Tim Goodwin

    Managing director, Futura
    Tel: 0161 923 9000
    Mob: 07966 449110

    Tim has worked in recruitment for around 10 years, 8 of which have been with Futura. Tim’s role is to manage Futura’s recruitment consultants on a day-to-day basis; he also plays a hands-on recruitment role within the team. Before joining Futura, Tim worked as a team leader, in the call centre of a leading insurance company. Tim is recognised as being approachable, direct and for leading by example.

  • Picture of Natasha Wilcox

    Natasha Wilcox

    Talent manager
    Tel: 0161 923 9000

    Natasha manages Futura’s resource team, sourcing talent at all levels within the recruitment industry across the Northwest and the UK. These roles range from resourcers and account managers to senior recruitment consultants, team leaders, branch managers, resource managers, business development directors and operations directors.

“I have known John now for nearly 20 years. He approached me in typical John Whalley fashion with an offer I couldnt turn down- "recruit me on the basis that I will only take a share of what I earn- end of". He did not disappoint, turning his hand in the way that John does to being entreprenuerial and opportunistic- opening doors with clients in a proactive and sytematic way. John was a one off and a rare person in so much that unlike most recruiters he was prepared to back his own skill and talent by only getting paid for what he did. No hiding behind big basics and delivering little, John performed and performed well. He still operates in that fashion today, being proactive, opening doors by introducing clients and to candidates and promoting people who match up to his standards. Well done John for keeping consistent and being true to your talents- long may that continue!”

Futura candidate