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Why this website uses cookies – and what this means for you

Like most websites today, our website uses what are known as ‘cookies’. Our cookies are not sinister – they are simply small files, placed on your computer by your browser, to help us provide a better service. We do this to help us understand things such as how many people visit the various parts of our website.

Our cookies do not identify you personally. If we need to do this (such as when asking you to sign up for a newsletter) we are always upfront about it. We make it clear not only when we collect personal information but also what we intend to do with it.

Why do I have to agree to the use of cookies?

You don’t – you can agree or you can opt out. All websites within the UK now have to comply with a new ‘cookie law’ (an update to the UK’s Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations) – this means we now have to tell you that our website uses cookies and provide a mechanism for you to opt out of their use. You’ll see this notice at the foot of every page, until you agree – at which point the notice disappears.

You can control cookies using your browser

Typically, your Web browser software will allow you to control cookies through its settings. For details on how to do this, please refer to the browser’s help files or the manufacturer’s support pages.

Google Analytics

Our website uses Google Analytics for tracking and reporting of site performance. This does not personally identify you – it just helps us understand which parts of our website people like the most. You can opt out here.


“Tim is a fantastic recruiter with a very personable demeanour who genuinely cares about the candidates and clients he deals with. Having called Tim from Australia to ask him for help in relocating back to the UK he quickly gained a solid knowledge of my likes and dislikes and was able to provide a shortlist of potential companies within 24 hours. Having interviewed with several of these companies over a two week period I was able to secure a fantastic role with a company that suited all of the initial criteria which we discussed and this was down solely to the hard work and dedication of Tim and his team. One of the main reasons I enjoyed the experience of dealing with Tim is that he doesn't try to sell you a dream like previous rec-to-recs that I have dealt with. Instead he takes the time to genuinely listen to what you are looking for and then uses that knowledge to only provide relevant opportunities to secure you a role. I can't recommend the service I have received from Tim and Futura highly enough and would certainly advise any recruiter who is looking for their next move to utilise Tim's vast network across the North.”

Futura candidate