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This Web site has been designed and developed by Content Productions.

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The design, XHTML development, video production, content and copywriting for this website have been provided by Content Productions. Content Productions is focused on creating websites – and the content that goes into websites, including copy, images and videos.

Responsive framework

As with all of our recent websites, the HTML is based on the really quite superb responsive framework developed by the good people at Twitter, Bootstrap. Bootstrap takes care of a lot of the heavy lifting, freeing us up to get on with the rest.

Bootstrap – and some other parts of our website – use the rather wonderful jQuery library. This is a feature-rich JavaScript library which allows lots of rather nifty things to be done with ease. It’s quick to load and works across almost all browsers.

HTML standards

The website is coded in HTML5, today’s standard, and is designed to work with modern browsers. This ensures cleaner code and greater portability across a wide range of devices.


“I approached Tim and Futura when I was considering new career opportunities. Tim and his colleagues took the time to listen to what exactly I was looking for and what I wanted to move away from. I was presented with a number of opportunities all of which matched my requirements. I was able to secure a new position quickly and am convinced I have made the right move for my career. The process was smooth trouble free thanks to the support Tim provided. I would recommend Tim and Futura to anybody who is looking for make a move.”

Futura candidate