Recruitment jobs in the North West

Futura Rec2Rec is the northwest’s largest and most successful dedicated rec2rec company – trusted by large and small recruitment providers alike, we specialise in headhunting recruitment’s rising stars and proven performers.

Executive jobs

We have a dedicated, senior recruitment professional with over 25 years’ experience, who specialises in filling senior and executive roles within recruitment companies. It’s rec2rec, at the highest level, undertaken by someone who’s also a top-team player.

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Executive jobs in recruitment - UK wide

Our executive headhunting service has a nationwide remit, finding board-level professionals with experience and a proven track record within the recruitment industry. We source business leaders inside and outside of London, in the northwest and right around the UK.

Recruitment jobs outside the Northwest

Although undeniably a Northwest Rec2Rec specialist, our reputation is such that we are often asked to fill roles for recruitment companies in other locations around the UK.

Recruitment jobs in: