10 reasons for refusing a counter offer

When you hand in your notice, it’s quite likely you will be made a counter offer – but beware: there are good reasons why accepting a counter offer can be a bad move.

You hand in your notice – and your boss immediately makes you a better offer to stay. Sure, it’s flattering – but is it sensible to accept? 

  1. What type of company do you work for if you have to threaten to resign before they give you true market value for your skills/experience.
  2. Where is the money for the counter offer coming? Is it just your next salary raise early?
  3. Your company will start looking for your replacement at a lower salary immediately, the wheels are already in motion to replace you ASAP.
  4. You have made your company aware that you are unhappy, from this day you are seen as disloyal.
  5. When promotion opportunities arise, your company will remember who was loyal and who wasn’t.
  6. Any redundancies/cutbacks will start with you.
  7. Your reasons for leaving that have caused you to look for a change will repeat themselves again in the future, even if you accept a counter offer.
  8. Statistics show that if you accept a counter offer, the probability of you leaving or being asked to leave within 6-12 months is extremely high. 80% of people accepted counter offers are gone in 6 months. 50% of accepted counter offers reinitiate their job search within 90 days!
  9. Accepting a counter offer is an insult to your intelligence and personal pride, because you know you have been bought.
  10. Once word gets out, your relationship with your colleagues will never be the same…you will be the defector who was brought back!

“I owe a lot to Tim, my first impressions of Rec2Rec agencies haven’t been good - and Tim has restored my faith that there are some good Rec2Recs who care about placing you in the right role. He listened to what I wanted and selected a few places to interview with; he would listen to what I wanted and always arranged calls to suit me. He has now placed me and it couldn’t be a better fit or opportunity for me and my career, I can not thank Tim and Futura enough.”

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