The season of strange and unpredictable results continues

Before the weekend, we were saying to our Liverpudlian cousins of both persuasions that the Everton - Liverpool derby had 0-0 written all over it. City v Spurs? Spurs had only conceded 6 goals all season and the last and only time they'd conceded an away goal was on September 1 against Arsenal. Sure, City have a great home form, but they do struggle to break down packed defences. A low scoring game for sure. Newcastle v Norwich? Another whitewash with a resurgent Newcastle knocking a bagfull in against the hapless East Anglians. ManU v Cardiff? This was bound to be a walkover. WBA v Villa? Villa, despite a shaky start hadn't conceded an away goal since August 21 against Chelsea and then they let in 2 in the first 11 minutes.

Who’d be an FL manager?

In our league, there were 3 brilliant scores. Jay Egersdorff regained his top 10 place from earlier in the season with a superb 87 points supported by the traditional forward line of Suarez, Aguero and Lukaku that some of us cleverclogs had lost faith in. If Jay had chosen Aguero as his captain he would have been on 99 points. Even better was Peter Bradley with 92 points who obviously believed, like us, that Rooney would get a hat trick against Cardiff and made him his captain. Those magical 100 points and 2nd place in the league would have beckoned for Peter if he’d chosen Aguero. Lewis McKenny did brilliantly again with his 82 points (again without Aguero as captain) taking him to the top spot.

A little about Lewis and his FL obsessions. Lewis is a member of no less than 14 private FL leagues and he’s number one in most of them. In fact, he’s number one in the league, which has about 5,000 members. Impressive eh? So far yes, but he’s languishing at number 63 in the fantasy YIRMA league. How can this be so? Well this league is made up of shapeshifters from another planet where the top scorer has amassed no less than 817 points in 11 games. How can anyone do that? What sort of different players has this Arsenal fan from India chosen to help him get so far ahead of the rest of us? Well, the funny thing is that his team looks more or less the same as the rest of our teams apart from him having the uncanny knack of sussing out when a player is going off form and transferring him for a player going into form. What chance have you got against a tie and a crest as Paul Weller once wrote!


The top 10 are as follows:

Lewis McKenny

Lee Mitchell

Bernie Wilcox, Pari Passu

Peter Bradley

Sachin Ruparella

Jay Egersdorff

Ossie Rowland

Andrew Midgely

Tricia Roberts, TEAM

Matt Holbrook


Manager of the Week

Peter Bradley first came to our attention in week 7 when he won manager of the week with just 55 points. God only knows what the rest of us scored that week then. 2 weeks later he was in the top 10 and has hardly left it since. Peter’s going from strength to strength but he’s not infallible as a quick look into his transfer history shows. Selling Suarez to buy Rooney? Selling Walker to buy the now injured Baines? Selling Gerrard to buy Lallana just as Southampton play Arsenal and Chelsea away? And worst of the lot, selling Negredo and buying Soldado. It’s nice to know that Peter’s human like the rest of us.

Well done Peter.

Page 2 Pacesetter

At 63rd place and 83 points we find one of last season’s leading managers, Meridian’s John West. John’s forward line of Aguero (c), Lukaku and Suarez supplemented by Yaya and Lampard in midfield did the business for him this week. John’s already played his wildcard and so a return to last season’s form is probably not on the cards but who knows what he might do after Christmas?

Taxi for...........

Mesut Ozil

The obvious choice would have been Leighton Baines out for at least a month with an injury but that would have meant us overlooking the woeful form of Ozil. He’s averaged less than 3 points a game in the last 5 games and that’s in a side that’s running away with the league. In fact, when you look at it, he’s only ever had 2 outstanding games and they were against Stoke and Norwich at home. £10.5m for this? You’re having a bubble. Hazard at more than a million cheaper looks the obvious replacement but Gerrard ain’t a bad shout either.

The Dream Team

The Dreamteam is the best combination of players that you can pick that week. It’s always a good clue to up and coming players that few managers have picked which is important for those of you not in the top ten because you’re never going to make it by picking the same players as the top managers. Looking for value in unpopular but high performing players is essential if you’re going to make progress.

Has Tony Pulis taking over at Palace made some of their cheap defenders look good value for your reserve in the £4m price range? Danny Gabbidon with 14 points in 2 games certainly looks worth a punt. Stoke’s N’Zonzi on the other hand looks a complete waste of time who when he’s not knocking cyclists off their bikes in Manchester is busily scoring 2 points a week in the FL. Could you be tempted by City’s Jesus Navas? We’d advise against it because as soon as Silva becomes available he simply won’t get a start. However, if you haven’t got Aguero you simply must make room for him. 5 dreamteam appearances in 12 games is simply unprecedented.





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