Chelsea make things interesting

All talk of City winning the quadruple was quietly dismissed last night as Chelsea exposed the weakness of City's large squad with an elderly, ponderous centre back being employed in a central midfield holding role against a very strong Chelsea team whilst the two full-backs continually neglected their defensive duties. Could this be 1-0 to Chelsea for the rest of the season? If so, fantasy managers could do well to ship in some of their defenders PDQ.

In our league Jay Egersdorff and Sachin Ruparelia game of tag has seen yet another switch at the top with the Dutchman reclaiming his top spot. Definitely one to watch is Lawrence Chilver who came in with a superb 70 points this week with a superb midfield including Lallana, Johnson and Mata.

The top 10 are as follows:

Jay Egersdorff

Sachin Ruparelia

Bernie Wilcox, Pari Passu

Lawrence Chilver

Phu Ngoc

Matt Beedle

David Bloch

Eddie Dowling

Lee Mitchell

Andrew Midgely

Manager of the Week

A new name to these pages and with a huge 73 points in 43rd place is Alex Williamson. That same midfield that proved so effective for Lawrence Chilver was boosted by an Arsenal and Southampton backline to just pip Lawrence at the post.

Welcome to the big time Alex..

Page 2 Pacesetter

At 67th place and an amazing 66 points we find a complete newcomer to these pages, Spectrum Group’s Adam Metcalfe. An interesting choice of captain in Cazorla though. Did Adam really expect Arsenal to get a bag full against Palace?

Well done Adam.

Taxi for...........

Sergio Aguero

From what looked like coming off early as precautionary measure, Aguero’s hamstring problem has turned into a 4/5 week layoff. There’s still over 10% of managers who haven’t heard this news and have still got the diminutive Argentinean in their teams. There’s plenty of cheaper alternatives but assuming that you’ve already got SAS in your team, none of them have anything like Aguero’s quality.

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