High winds cause chaos - with FL managers!

Well, we all know what a lot of disruption a bit of wind can cause don't we? For this week's writer it meant no less that 6 first team players and all four subs being just out of the two games that were called off. Good job a tree came down in my front garden and blocked the road or I would have been half way to the game before I'd have known. No doubt Jose will start whinging about City getting an extra bit of rest before Saturday teatime's FA Cup encounter at the Etihad. Is Luis Suarez losing his touch with "only" 4 goals and 5 assists in the past 9 games? His strike partner, Daniel Sturridge has scored 7 and amassed an amazing 59 FL points in the past 6 games compared with his teammate's 40 points. Could there be an argument for making Sturridge the captain of choice in March or could that be the returning Sergio Aguero?

In our league it was a case of who had been the least affected by the cancelled games with both Jay Egersdorff and Sachin Ruparelia only losing one player each. Sachin replaced Jay at the top in what seems to be the hardest fought cat and mouse game in the league. We also have a couple of new entries with Neil Kane’s N Kane Dons scoring a massive 78 points with all his players scoring something. Dan Ryan also returned to the fold with a superb 69 points with one man down. If only these lads had chosen Sturridge as their captain?

The top 10 are as follows:

Sachin Ruparelia

Jay Egersdorff

Phu Ngoc

Bernie Wilcox, Pari Passu

David Bloch

Matt Beedle

Lawrence Chilver

Eddie Dowling

Neil Kane

Dan Ryan

Manager of the Week

Neil Kane is becoming quite a regular on these pages with a Page 2 Pacesetter award back in week 11 when he was 91st. Then just 5 weeks ago he won the MOTW award in 21st place on Page 1 and now he’s in the Top 10 with yet another MOTW award. Fonte, Ivanovic, Gerrard and Sturridge did the damage this week for Neil. He’s making more of a late run than his beloved Spurs! Shame he didn’t run with his team and choose Adebayor then.

As we mentioned last time he won it, Neil is one of those fanatics who pays £15 pa to get tips from Fantasy Football Scout. At this rate of progress maybe we all ought to be investing the price of 4 pints of Guinness in this wonderful website.

Page 2 Pacesetter

In 72nd place with the highest points of the week is NonStop Recruitment’s Andrew Dixon with a huge 79 points. Andrew’s team, unusually includes 3 players from Villa. Andrew even preferred Villa’s Fabian Delph to Adam Lallana. Given that Delph has only ever had one decent points scoring game all season, we have to wonder why Andrew preferred him to the points machine that is Adam Lallana. Maybe he had an inside tip? Any help with the 3.30 at Kempton would be very much appreciated Andrew.

Great week Andrew!

Taxi for...........

Mesut Ozil......

It’s not often that someone goes in the taxi twice in a season but with nearly 15% of managers still owning this lazy shower of **** we felt that we had to flag one down. It’s always telling when a player is high up in the overall points table but way down the form table. Ozil is just that, being 17th overall and 113th on form. He’s scored just 23 points from his last 10 games and creating just one assist since the 6-3 drubbing by City in mid December. He’s not done much on the goal-scoring front either with just two goals scored in 18 games. What a waste of money. Get shut quick.

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