Is Sturridge the new Suarez?

Is Luis Suarez losing his touch and is Daniel Sturridge stealing his place as the FL managers' favourite player? Well, in his last 4 games Suarez has only managed 4 points per game. Contrast that with his golden period in December when he amassed an amazing 71 points in as many games and you can see his fall from grace. He's now the 4th placed Liverpool player in the form table after Sturridge, Gerrard and (yes) Skrtel. Suarez's form has been replaced by Sturridge's with the ex City and Chelsea man averaging nearly 11 points per game since his return from injury in early January. This form hasn't yet hit the selection stats with Suarez still in over 50% of teams whereas Sturridge doesn't even make a third of them and is less popular than his goalie. Shurely shomething wrong?

In our league we have a new leader in the shape of Phu Ngoc and his team pureluck. We think that Phu’s superb rise to the top is a little more than luck. This week his team scored a fantabulous 90 points helped by Kolarov, Koscielny and Cahill giving him 32 points alone. Add to that the 12 he got from Nolan and the 32 from having Sturridge as his captain and you can understand his success. 

Ossie Rowland slipped out of the top 10 in week 13 but he’s now back with a vengeance in 8th place with 81 points this week. Nice to have you back Ossie.

The top 10 are as follows:

Phu Ngoc

Sachin Ruparelia

Bernie Wilcox, Pari Passu

David Bloch

Jay Egersdorff

Matt Beedle

Lawrence Chilver

Eddie Dowling

Ossie Rowland

Martin Scrivens

Manager of the Week

It’s that bloke Phu Ngoc again. Ever since he first broke into the top 10 in week 10 Phu has been there or thereabouts but his rise over the past 6 weeks has been amazing and he deserves all of his successes.

Well done Phu.

Page 2 Pacesetter

In 74th place with 89 points we find one of the better managers of previous seasons, Howard Greenwood. Howard hasn’t really concentrated this season but this week he’s hit the jackpot with a huge 89 points gained mainly from Evra (really!), Henderson, Nolan and Sturridge as captain.

Great week Howard!

Taxi for...........

City players......

Success in the domestic cups is no use to us FL managers. City don’t have an EPL game until March 15 and we think it is probably worth taking a points hit to temporarily move some of them out of your team.

Also bear in mind that whereas 4 teams don’t play next week, in the following week the FL is truly devastated with no less than 8 teams not playing.

Choose wisely!

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