The world will be watching

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So the main game this week was the Super Sunday game with Spurs entertaining Arsenal, and it felt like it was going to be about one man and one man only……Gareth Bale.  Cameras were glued to him from before kick off and then he didn’t disappoint when the whistle went, netting the first goal of the game and scoring 10 points for this game week.  He was our most popular captain for the week and so pulled in an impressive 20 points for those who had him.

Apparently when Jose came out with the quote “the world will be watching”, he wasn’t actually talking about the 2-2 draw between Sunderland and Fulham, but actually Man Utd against Real in the Champions League tonight.  This game threw into the mix who would Sir Alex pick and would there be a resting of RVP, Rooney and some other big names? Well RVP was probably not the best pick for captain as he has proved from previous games, but for those who took the chance and had Rooney as captain, well, it would have paid off.

Anyone who is sticking with Suarez in their team, have not been disappointed yet again with a very impressive 17 points for this game week.  His usual bag 3 goals one week and then nothing for 5 games, seems to not be the case at the moment. Suarez is someone bang in form and there is no surprise that he is selected by no less than 36.6% of teams.  He was the most popular choice of captain this week for the likes of Argyll Scott’s John Hunter the usual pace setter at the top of the table, together with Andy Jones’s Junior Robins and Hutton Services’ Glenn Mason.

Inspirational Manager of the Week

Rida Groups Lee Williams has broken the mould with some of his team selections, and it does seem to have paid off.  Racking up 78 points for the week with Bale as captain was something none too dissimilar than a number of other managers this week, however selecting Azpilicueta and Mertesacker was something that not everyone would have thought of.

Mertesacker has put in some decent weeks this season even with some questionable Arsenal defending of late, Tony Adams would be a little disappointed with the 2 goals leaked on Sunday we think!

Some good scouting by Lee there to try and break into that top 10.

The Dreamteam

The Dreamteam is the best combination of players that you can pick that week. It’s always a good clue to up and coming players that few managers have picked which is important for those of you not in the top ten because you’re never going to make it by picking the same players as the top managers. Looking for value in unpopular but high performing players is essential if you’re going to make progress.

No one at all has Jack Collison in their team and yet he scored 11 points this week, is that telling us something if no West Ham supporters have him in their team?

Everton, Liverpool, Man Utd and West Ham all have 2 or more players each making it into the Dreamteam this week.

NameTeamPointsPrice (£m)Percentage of Managers Chosen By
Jaaskelainen West Ham 8 5.2 18.3%
Luiz Chelsea 10 6.5 2.7%
Johnson Liverpool 9 6.4 5.2%
Toure Man City 9 5.1 0.5%
Kagawa Man Utd 21 7.9 4.1%
Pienaar Everton 12 6.7 9.6%
Fellaini Everton 12 7.7 31.8%
Collison West Ham 11 4.6 0.0%
Downing Liverpool 10 5.7 0.9%
Suarez Liverpool 17 10.8 36.6%
Rooney Man Utd 14 11.9 7.5%

Page 2 Pacesetters

Those guys down in the nether regions of the league that have had a superb week.

Morgan Hunts very own Man City supporter, Charlotte Townend produced a great 78 for the week, selecting Kagawa, Tevez, Fellaini, Cech and Ashley Cole. 

A fantastic selection to bring Kagawa in, did Charlotte know something that we didn’t this week……maybe a little inside information from her rivals training ground!?  Anyway, well done Charlotte.

Taxi for...

Carlos Tevez.

What?? That is exactly what you may be thinking there, however he is always going to be 2nd choice to Sergio Aguero when fit.

That coupled together with the fact that Man City have no game next week could mean that he is removed from many a team for the next game week.

Happy team selecting……


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