Half a fixture list

With only 50% of teams playing this weekend who did the best FL managers select / transfer in to make the most of the Gameweek? Chelsea players, Hazard aside are very difficult to pick because the strikers rarely score and the midfielders change more often than most of us change our socks. The obvious choice would have been ManU players given that they were playing the increasingly hopeless Baggies. Why on earth their owner Jeremy Peace got rid of Steve Clark and replaced him with Pepe Mel, a Spanish manager with a very average history in a league that he actually knew something about is anyone's guess. No, he still hasn't won a single game yet. Getting back to ManU, the obvious choice for those FL managers who don't support City, Liverpool or Everton ("Once a Blue, always a Blue" as Rooney once said) was their extremely well paid, follicly-challenged captain-elect. Those that did were rewarded with a goal, an assist and a clean sheet. That's 20 points in the past 2 games for our Wayne however those have been against Palace and WBA. That Europa league place and ITV4 on Thursday nights is becoming more and more a possibility. Fingers crossed eh?

In our league, Phu Ngoc is still a huge 44 points ahead of his nearest rival by choosing the aforementioned Rooney as his captain whilst Lawrence Chilver moved up into 2nd place with a wonderful 61 points from Hazard (C), Eto’o, Jones and Boruc. 

The top 10 are as follows:

Phu Ngoc

Laurence Chilver

Jay Egersdorff

Bernie Wilcox, Pari Passu Agency

Matt Beedle

David Bloch

Sachin Ruparelia

Eddie Dowling

Neil Kane

Martin Scrivens 

Manager of the Week

In any normal week, 72 points would be a highly respectable score. In a week like this it is absolutely amazing. Well done to Theresa Mimnagh whose Wooden Spoons had an absolutely superb week to confound their name. 17 points from Steven Caulker alone and 24 points by choosing Rooney as captain helped Theresa to this wonderful points tally. 

Page 2 Pacesetter

At 60th place with no less than 66 points we find Gary Chapman. Gary had Hazard as his captain and Rooney as his vice supported by the 20 point Norwich duo of Snodgrass and Johnson. Gary is in no less than 9 fantasy leagues and isn’t doing too well in any of them except NES’s where he is in 3rd place. We think those boys at NES need to pull their fingers out. 

Great week Gary. 

Taxi for...........

Per Mertesacker.

Another Arsenal player in the taxi. Some would say a bit risky given their comprehensive rout of Everton on Saturday however Per hasn’t exactly been purring recently with only 3 points a game in his last 6. Arsenal traditionally muck up at this stage in the season and their fixture list doesn’t look too good with away trips to Spurs, Chelsea and Everton alongside a home game to City. If they get through that unscathed they could well be champions but we all know that’s not going to happen don’t we?

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