Dare to be different?

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Week 30 did not have any stand out scores this week with points ranging from 17 to 56. John Hunter and Fred’s West Ham extend their lead at the top with no significant moves from his nearest rivals. A score of 47 was enough maintain a healthy lead of 77. Can he be caught? As things stand it’s looking like John will be singing “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” in May in a celebratory fashion.

The fight for 2nd place is tighter than ever with only 31 points separating 2nd and 5th place. All 5 teams scored between 32 and 42 points and it’s now about who holds their nerve in the transfer market. Who dares to be different? Who can find a ‘nugget’ outside of the usual suspects of Van Persie, Suarez, Bale and Michu?  

The best value player in the competition is Ricky Lambert of Southampton with 24% of all players selecting him in their teams.

The Top Scorer on Page 1 goes to Keith Sammons (ARM Strollers) with a very creditable 56 points. Bernie Wilcox’s team ‘It Shuda Been 10’ got exactly that with the relatively unknown Santon of Newcastle scoring 10 points as a result of a fantastic goal v Wigan Athletic. However, celebrations in the Wilcox household were limited to the chocolate variety as his beloved Man City were beaten 2 – 0 by a resurgent Everton still smarting from last week’s cup defeat by the Pie Smugglers from Wigan.    

Over the last 30 days the Top Form Players include Suarez, Bale, Berbatov and Riether (Fulham) Who’s he? – Even his mother wouldn’t recognise him.

Top Transfer Player out this week is Fellaini of Everton with more than 41,000 players removing him from their teams. He has proven as popular as a Recruitment Consultant at a Client Open Evening. Ironically, top scorer in the competition, Robin van Persie has been shipped out by over 10,000 players and has been as welcome as Frankie Boyle at a convention for The Politically Correct Society.

All in all it has been a very average week with not so much as Fillet Steak as the main course but Horse Lasagne. The last 2 months of the season will be interesting. Who has the imagination and creativity to find a player no one else has? Picking your Captain can make the difference – Apart from Van Persie and Suarez, where are the extra points coming from? Will Gareth Bale continue to impress? Mata or Hazard?     

The Dream Team

The Dreamteam is the best combination of players that you can pick that week. 

NameTeamPointsPrice (£m)

Percentage of Managers Chosen By

Mucha Everton 9 4.3


Monreal Arsenal 15 5.5


Riether Fulham 11 5.0


Ferdinand Man Utd 11 5.8


Santon Newcastle 10 4.9


Ridgewell West Brom 9 4.8


Hazard Chelsea 14 9.3


Gardner Sunderland 10 5.0


Osman Everton 10 6.3


Schneiderlin Southampton 9 4.7


Weimann Aston Villa 11 5.0


Page 2 Pacesetters

Top Scorer on Page 2 goes to RI Young Guns (James Recruitment International) with an impressive 55 points – Eden Hazard being the major contributor. Jolene from Futura delivers a decent score of 54 which must have her bosses asking why she hasn’t done any work last week and spending too much time studying form. Credit also goes to the aptly named Norfolk n Chance with a respectable 52 points.

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