Double Gameweek

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The all anticipated double gameweek came fast this week with 5 teams all playing twice. This was a chance for managers to capitalize on players having 2 chances to chances bag. The gameweek was a very unusual one, with most of the highest scorers being defenders with the likes of Chelsea centre half John Terry bagging a brace with 21 points and Everton’s Sylvain Distin.

We also saw RVP break his run of games without scoring, by scoring in back to back games. Thoughts are, he will be very important in the remainder of the season and helping United secure their 20th League title.

Very good scores around the table firstly to mention Glenn Mason neves allstars (86) gaining points from the unlikely suspects of Johnson and Sessegnon of Sunderland as they managed to pull of an emphatic win against bitter derby rivals Newcastle. Have a word Shearer!! Also scoring high is Trevor Hamil and Darren Curtis’ ali dia’s select as he captained RVP and had Giroud firing beside him. Ferdinand and Sagna contributing to his score of 84

Inspirational Manager of the week

We have ‘Dunne it again’, or shall we say he has ‘Dunne it again’. Andy Dunne has hit the 100 mark with a fine display of managerial genius. He took a gamble with a dock of 24 points to bring in 7 new players who all scored big big points adding to his 104 point haul. An Everton inspired back line includes jagielka Baines and Distin, this was clearly good tekkers by Andy. Carrick, Arteta and Andy Carroll upfront also contributed to his score with few putting money on Carrick finding the net. If only he had picked Distin or any other player in his team for captain. Impressive Andy!!

The Dream team

The Dream team is the best combination of players that you can pick that week. It’s always a good clue to up and coming players that few managers have picked. Looking for value in unpopular but high performing players is essential if you’re going to make progress



% of managers chosen by

Howard Everton 13 5.3


Terry Chelsea 21 6.6


Distin Everton 18 5.3


Luiz Chelsea 14 6.5


Jones Man U 12 5.6


Carrick Man U 13 5.9


Arteta Arsenal 13 7.9


Sessegnon Sunderland 13 6.9


Gibson Everton 12 4.7


Van Persie Man U 16 13.4


Giroud Arsenal 13 7.8



John Terry topped the dream team with 21 points. With no Bale or Suarez in the dreamteam there opened up the door for new faces e.g. Gibson, Distin and Sideshow bob…….David Luiz sorry.

Rvp came good with 16 points helping Utd and Everton have the most representatives in this week’s dreamteam. Can Everton keep the good run going and qualify for Champions league, we will have to wait and see.

Page 2 Pacesetters

Those guys down in the nether regions of the league that have had a superb week

A strong week for the page 2 clan, with Chris Watson’s Funky Monkey’s scoring highest with 78,follwed by good scores from Nick intec, 71 and Neil C with your mums athletic (69). Mike Hunts fact hunt again makes a mention in the pacesetters with a very good score of 65. Worth noting that captaincy is key Paul

Taxi for…

Nacho monreal

With a double gameweek many managers thought points were certain with this chap however, only playing 1 min out of 180 and managing to get a yellow card in that space of time scored him 10 points. Unlucky!


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