Who the ***** is Benteke?

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With Suarez being out of the game, all eyes were on Scott Argyll’s John Hunter and his team Fred West Ham. How would John cope with a forward line not including RvP like his rivals, Pari Passu’s Sunmade Olukoga and R3’s Paul Harron? Surprising well as it happens, helped by last night’s out-of-the-blue 6-1 performance by Villa against Sunderland and the 17 points that rang up with Benteke’s amazing hat trick. To add to his rivals’ miseries, he had Bale as his captain and the video committee had just ruled that it was Bale that had been awarded the assist in the last minute penalty box scramble at Wigan on Saturday. Another 24 points thank you. Ching, ching. It would seem impossible for any of John’s rivals to nick first spot back now and second place seems to be a straight fight between Sunmade and Paul. Which leaves the race for the top 10 and the prizes.

At this stage it’s worth reminding everyone that to claim your prize you must actually be employed in a trading recruitment agency on the final day of the season so that does exclude managers who work in related support areas such as umbrellas.

For the top 10 spots it looks like Matt Newman, John West, Darren Curtis and Adam Eld should be pretty safe, however it gets a bit tight from here on in. Only 21 points separate 8th place Ben Wilcox on 1695 points from 12th place Dave Cattell including David Bloch, Lee Williams and Andy Jones along the way. It’s a fight to the death guys.

Inspirational Manager of the Week

Wilde Recruitment’s Dave Cattell has had another storming week with 79 points taking him to 12th place with a realistic chance of a top 10 finish. Having Bale as his captain and Benteke up front certainly helped and Begovic, Jose Enrique, Baines, Mata and Maloney all chipped in with a few points also.

Well done again Dave.

Page 2 Pacesetters

Those guys down in the nether regions of the league that have had a superb week.

The last time I did the commentary in week 27, Recruitment International’s owner, publisher and editor, David Head won the Page 2 award and he’s done it again this week with a fantastic 75 points, with 51 of them coming from Bale Lukaku and Agger alone.

David’s only made 10 transfers all season and has never played his wildcard. Missing a trick there David?

The Dreamteam

The Dreamteam is the best combination of players that you can pick that week. It’s always a good clue to up and coming players that few managers have picked which is important for those of you not in the top ten because you’re never going to make it by picking the same players as the top managers. Looking for value in unpopular but high performing players is essential if you’re going to make progress.

Some unusual names in the dreamteam this week but there’s one ever-present, week in, week out. Of course that’s Manchester City bound Gareth Bale who has been in the Dreamteam no less than 12 times this season. His nearest rivals are Suarez and RvP with 7 times. Just incredible isn’t he?

NameTeamPointsTimes in the DTPricePercentage of Managers Chosen By
Green QPR 9 1 £4.1 2.2%
Agger Liverpool 12 3 £6.4 2.9%
Vlaar Villa 8 1 £64.5 0.5%
Boyce Wigan 8 2 £4.7 0.5%
Henderson Liverpool 19 2 £4.6 1.2%
Bale Spurs 12 12 £10.6 33.1%
Lampard Chelsea 13 4 £8.2 4.8%
Pienaar Everton 11 4 £6.6 8.1%
Benteke Villa 17 4 £7.5 14.6%
Lukaku WBA 15 3 £6.6 10.6%
Sturridge Liverpool 14 1 £6.9 6.8%

Taxi for...

Stephane Sessegnon.

Sessegnon was always a good steady performed in previous PFL seasons and very popular with managers for that. This season he didn’t do much until The Italian arrived and he scored 24 points in 2 games.

Alas, he won’t be doing much more having been sent off for an over the top tackle in last night’s mauling at Villa Park and being banned for the rest of the season.


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