The Special One plays his part in a thrilling end to the season

Despite all of Jose's mind games about fielding a team of kids, he actually put out a very strong defensive side against Liverpool and played the sort of "19th century football" that he accused West Ham of earlier in the season when they "parked two buses" at Stamford Bridge. At the end of the day of course, the record books won't show the number of buses but the number goals scored and conceded. And why would Jose even think that winning the CL would be easier than winning the Prem? Even if he breaks down Atletico (who play very much like Chelsea, defending deep and breaking fast), he'd still have to contend with Bayern or Real in the final. The way the Liverpool and City have slipped up he's in with a small shout if Liverpool get beat at Palace and City get beat at Everton. Chelsea have a very easy run in against Norwich and Cardiff and they won't slip up against those will they? Or will they?

In our league that challenge for Jay Egersdorff’s top spot has happened and Phu Ngoc has made up the 22 points that separated the two for both managers to sit neck and neck. Phu had a reasonable week but it was Jay’s terrible week that did it with all the usual characters that bring us all points in the bag week in, week out, doing not a lot. The only other change in the Top 10 is Neil Kane and Matt Newman swapping places at 9 and 10. Just outside the Top 10, only Meridian’s John West and Dan Ryan have any hope of getting in the prizes but there’s a double gameweek this week and that could cost someone some prize-money.

The top 10 are as follows:

Jay Egersdorff

Phu Ngoc

Eddie Dowling

Lawrence Chilver

Bernie Wilcox, Pari Passu

David Bloch

Matt Beedle

Sachin Ruparelia

Neil Kane

Matt Newman

Important Reminder

For all of those managers who think they are going to make the prizes please note that you MUST put the name of your agency after your own name so that we can verify who you are before we pay out.

Don’t forget

This is the very last double gameweek of the season with 6 teams playing twice.

Manager of the Week

That aforementioned Liverpool fan who’s in a bubbling under position, Dan Ryan has at least something to shout about this week as he’s won the Manager of the Week competition. Interestingly enough, Dan only has two Liverpool players in his team and they only brought him 4 points in total. No, the players that really made the difference to Dan’s magnificent 69 points this week were actually timewaster extraordinaire, Branislav Ivanovic and two ManU players, Mata and Rooney (C).

Good to see that you put the FL above any petty real world rivalries Dan!  

Page 2 Pacesetter

In 66th place with no less than 72 points we find the sponsor’s MD, FuturaRec2Rec’s Tim Goodwin. Tim used to be quite good at this game in previous seasons but despite appearing as a Page 2 Pacesetter in week 15 he’s never really been on Page 1 all season. He assures me however, that he has a good excuse and is placing so many candidates that he just doesn’t have time to concentrate on less important matters such as the FL and practicing his short game at golf. We’d like to say that Tim was farsighted in choosing Yaya as his captain to bring him 28 points for him alone, but as the only bloke who knew that Yaya would be playing was Pellegrini, we think that he was probably just “dead lucky” as they seem to say a lot in Everton’s Gwladys Street stand.

Great week in the FL Tim! You just need that team of yours to get into 4th place and improve your putting.


We’ve changed the cut for these players from 15% ownership to 10% to really concentrate on those potential bargains. With ManU having an extra gameweek, a really easy run in and the added boost from having yet another Chosen One managing them, we think that a lot of managers will be piling onto Rooney and Mata but could those players with a much less ownership percentage such as Jones, Kagawa and Welbeck benefit from the back to the old ways approach of the Prodigal Son?











Taxi for...........

Petr Cech.....

He fell very awkwardly on his elbow in the midweek encounter at The Calderon during the week and really doesn’t look like he’ll be back for the rest of the season. Of course, Jose is not going to give anything away on this front as he is just sooo professional in keeping the opposing managers guessing but we think it’s Goodnight Rigsby’s Cat for Chelsea’s number one stopper. Do you swap him out at this stage of the season? That depends on who your reserve keeper is but if its some cheap no-hoper who’s on the bench for Cardiff, we’d advise that Mark Schwarzer at £4.5m is a very good value replacement and you’d be left with £1.8m in the bank which you could use towards your final push.