Manager merry-go-round

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As we headed into the penultimate week of the season, would anyone have predicted what happened in the Premier League?  Sir Alex Ferguson, David Moyes and Roberto Mancini all leaving clubs in a much better state than they took them over and then, Wigan win the FA Cup and get relegated within 3 days of each other.

Have some of our managers given up over the last 2 game weeks? Well it could certainly indicate it with a dip in points from some teams and a lot of changing of places in the top 50 especially.

Matt Newman is now within 20 points of John Hunter, heading into the final week of the season so what was looking like the inevitable crowning of the champion now is looking like a 2 horse race.  Who will blink first and will there be big gambles on transfers and captaincies this week?

First page top scorer was LA Internationals’ Tom Cowen and his “Tomfoolery FC”.  Tom racked up 82 points this week thanks to Daniel Sturridge in the main with 17 points and then having him as captain resulted in a 34 point total for one striker.  Tom actually received 59 of his 82 points from 3 players!

An internal investigation has started into team selection for Greg Coleshill of Intelect Analytics and his “Giggs Chest Fro”.  27 points for the week has seen Gregs side slip down to 42nd place in the league.

The Dream Team

The Dreamteam is the best combination of players that you can pick that week.  

Name Team Points Price (£m) Percentage of Managers Chosen By
Ruddy Norwich 7 4.4 6.1
Ferdinand Man Utd 11 5.8 3.1
Bardsley Sunderland 9 4.4 0.1
Bennett Norwich 6 3.9 0.5
Santi Cazorla Arsenal 16 9.6 19.5
Lampard Chelsea 14 8.4 6.4
Snodgrass Norwich 14 6.2 7.6
Dempsey Tottenham 13 8.9 1.6
Sturridge Liverpool 17 7.3 12.5
Podolski Arsenal 13 8.1 8.5
Mirallas Everton 12 6.6 1.1

Page 2 Pacesetters

Stand out performer was Tomasz Andrzejczyk from Transline Resource Group.  Tomasz and his team Coco Jambo FC collected 86 points with 32 of them coming from Santi Cazorla and his 4 assists yesterday.  Well done to Tomasz, a performance worthy of page 1!

Taxi for...

Fulham FC in general.  1 point from 7 games has seen Fulham plummet and then eventually breathe a sigh of relief as Wigan were relegated.  Not many points have been scored by any of the Fulham players recently.


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