John Hunter holds on to win the league

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Just three short weeks ago, Camino’s Matt Newman was in fourth place and didn’t look like he was even in with a chance of a top 3 finish. However, 3 weeks is a long time in the FL and Matt eventually came within a mere 6 points of runaway leader, John Hunter. What a performance, made even better given Matt’s position in the league just before Christmas was a lowly 24. Well done Matt and well done to John for being the leader for so long.

The two managers that we all thought were in with a chance against John were Pari Passu’s Sunmade Olukoga and R3’s Paul Harron, but they both had a finish as disappointing as Manchester City’s to claim 3rd and 4th spots.

With most strikers not doing anything special, those brave souls who backed WBA’s Romelu Lukaku against the might of ManU’s defence did very well along with those who chose Bale as their captain. Arsenal’s Koscielny and West Ham’s Kevin Nolan also did very well with Nolan ending up with a massive 19 points.

The top 20 final table, subject to any changes by the PFL is as follows. 

PositionPointsManager NameTeam Name
1 2,035 John Hunter Fred West Ham
2 2,029 Matt Newman Newms Galacticos
3 1,988 Paul Harron Shinji’s Samurai
4 1,976 Sunmade Olukoga Superfly Athletic
5 1,936 John West Westies Heroes
6 1,936 Adam Eld Justin Tilbury FC
7 1,909 Darren Curtis Ali Dia’s Select
8 1,851 Dave Cattell DaveyC FC
9 1,849 David Bloch Aix United
10 1,847 Lee Williams Ch4 News Team
11 1,836 Andy Jones Junior Robins
12 1,832 Antonio Lera Caribeños
13 1,829 Mark Tully Blue Moon CF
14 1,824 Ian Knowlson Greenham United
15 1,822 Richard Lawrance The Kickie Wickies
16 1,819 Ben Wilcox It Shoulda Been 10
17 1,800 Phillip Brass Toon Army Crew
18 1,797 Joshua Dunwoody NHLYR
19 1,796 Howard Greenwood HBomb
20 1,792 Roidin Crowey Wilson!!!

Claiming your prize

We’d just like to remind everyone that to claim your prize you must actually be employed in a trading recruitment agency on the final day of the season and be able to prove it. That does exclude managers who work in related support areas such as umbrellas. You must also have the name of your agency in your FL name. To do this you go to User Profile at the bottom left of the screen, then log in and go to Update Your Account. You can then add your agency’s name to your Lastname and press submit. We need you to do this so that we can verify that the person claiming the prize is the same person who is on the league table.

To claim your prize, email by Monday June 1st, 2013. Futura will run through some ID and other checks, take your bank details and then send your prize money out shortly afterwards.

If you don’t claim by that time you will forfeit your prize so please make sure it’s done on time and that you set your email for a sent and read receipt. Futura will acknowledge all claims with 24 hours of receiving them. If you don’t get an acknowledgement please email again or call Futura on 0161 923 9000.

Inspirational Manager of the Week

Dan McEvilly had quite a few mentions in early season but seemed to have dropped of the radar since Christmas. However, Dan’s ended the year on a high with a massive 78 points gained from Walker, Vertonghen, Nolan and Lukaku. Let’s see more of you next season Dan!

Page 2 Pacesetters

Those guys down in the nether regions of the league that have had a superb week.

Computer People’s Paul Jordan has come to our attention yet again with a wonderful 67 points this week. Paul’s team name, Mike Hunt’s Fact Hunt has always intrigued us. We could never find a Mike Hunt who crossed over with Paul career-wise but he must have made an impression upon him at some time.

 Paul is something of a FPL connoisseur being a member of no less than 12 mini leagues but has not done a lot in 10 of them. He has however won 2, Paul vs Mike where he beat his brother Mike. There were no other members. He also came first in The Dierdre League which had 4 members.

The Dreamteam

NameTeamPointsTimes in the DTPricePercentage of Managers Chosen By
Schwartzer Fulham 10 2 £5.1 4.3%
Koscielny Arsenal 15 2 £5.3 2.3%
Vlaar Villa 10 2 £4.5 0.5%
Jose-Enrq Liverpool 9 3 £6.1 7.3%
Nolan West Ham 19 4 £6.1 8.8%
Rodwell Man City 15 1 £4.6 0.4%
Kacaniklic Fulham 14 3 £4.3 3.4%
Mulumbu WBA 12 1 £5.3 0.3%
Coutinho Liverpool 10 1 £7.1 8.4%
Lukaku WBA 16 4 £6.6 12.5%
Holt Norwich 11 2 £5.9 2.8%

Taxi for...

Carlos Tevez.

He played very well on Sunday only to be taken off after 50 minutes. The whole stadium gave him a roaring standing ovation. Carlito clapped the fans and then gave an ominous farewell wave.

Good job City have Falcao, Cavani, Suarez and Bale lined up.