Who to choose in the top teams?

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We’ve all had a really exciting end to the transfer window and as FL managers, we now need to know about formations and who is actually going to get EPL game time as opposed to being used in the Champions League.

Chelsea’s midfield is an absolute nightmare to choose from as is City’s. At least at Chelsea we know that Eto’o is probably going to start up front. The same with Giroud at Arsenal and RvP / Rooney at ManU. You’d think that Fellaini would be a shoe-in to get a start for ManU on Saturday given the fact that he’d played for Moyes for so long at Everton and they’d paid £27m for him but no, he had to be happy with a place on the bench and left a lot of FL managers disappointed with the single point he gained them.

However, looking at those at the very top of the whole worldwide league, the smart money seems to be on those teams outside the top four using a blend of cheaper players that still deliver. The likes of Benteke, Lukaku, Sturridge, Lambert, Campbell to name but a few strikers along with Barkley, Ben Arfa, Hernandez, Ramsey and Whittingham in midfield all offer exceptional value for money and a balanced side.

The goals have certainly been in short supply so far this season with only 78 being scored by the end of Gameweek 4. Compare this with last season’s total of 113 by this time and you can see the difference. The old FL adage of not spending much of your budget on defenders seems to have been proven wrong so far but who knows what’s going to happen over the next few weeks when everyone settles in?

This week’s top ten managers are as follows. Rick Foster, who’s maybe getting less bored by week 3 now he’s on top moved up from 3rd to 1st with Jon Pheasant losing his top spot after gaining a mere 45 points on the week. Something to do with that 3 man defence maybe Jon? Lewis McKenny (75), Lee Mitchell (72), Jon Martin (67) and Dan Ryan (62) were all new entries to the top 10. Lewis is a member of no less than 16 other private leagues so he must be some kind of FL geek. You’ve set yourself up now Lewis. We’re now expecting great things from you mate.


Rick Foster

Matt Beedle

Dave Cattell

Jon Pheasant

Matt Holbrook

Lewis McKenny

Glenn Southman

Jon Martin

Lee Mitchell

Dan Ryan


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Manager of the Week

The Manager of the Week usually comes from within the top 10 and has always come from the first page at least. Imagine our surprise then at scrolling down to page 2 and finding Andy Jamieson’s Gunners JR with 79 points in a humble 86th place. Any lingering bitterness over RvP’s move to ManU didn’t prevent Arsenal fan Andy from selecting the Dutchman as his captain and gaining 12 points from him. If he only had a little more faith in his own striker, Giroud and made him the captain he would have a further 16 points. He did select Ramsey however and that should give us all the nudge in this week’s transfer window. Thanks for the insider info Andy and well done for the week. We’re hoping to see you on page one any time soon.

Page 2 Pacesetter

The aforementioned Andy Jamieson would normally have won this easily but you can’t be too greedy mate. Andy Korczak gained 66 points in 81st place again with RvP as captain and Ramsey gaining him another 15 points. Joining Andy on the same number of points but higher up the league were Alessio Ciocchetti and one-time number one contender from last season, Paul Harron. What happened Paul? Have you met a girlfriend or something. 

The Dream Team

The Dreamteam is the best combination of players that you can pick that week. It’s always a good clue to up and coming players that few managers have picked which is important for those of you not in the top ten because you’re never going to make it by picking the same players as the top managers. Looking for value in unpopular but high performing players is essential if you’re going to make progress.

Nice to see Shelvey in the DT after his bitter-sweet performance last night against Liverpool. Great match for the neutrals BTW. Aside from his gaffs he looked really good and he’s getting lots of game time. He may be an alternative for those managers who fancy the injured Hernandez but need to swap him out until he’s fit. Jose Fonte at Southampton seems to be building up a following and with 28 points at £4.6M why wouldn’t he? He was injured for 2 months of last season and only played 20 games but he could be back to his Player of the Season form for Southampton this time around.





Times in the DT


Percentage of Managers Chosen By








West Ham



































Ben Arfa































Taxi for...........

Yaya Toure

We seem to be concentrating on City players in “Taxi for” but that’s probably because the new manager, Pellegrini is not playing people in the same roles as they were in last season. A case in point is Yaya. His points total has been inflated by two superbly taken free kick goals and a great defensive record but whilst in previous seasons Yaya roamed dangerously in the opposition’s half, this season has seen him play as the defensive midfield “pivote” position just like he used to play at Barca, dropping in between the centre backs when the full backs push forward.


Not many assists to come from that we think.

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