Lukaku lights up the league

There have been some strange decisions made by the top clubs recently. Why didn't Wenger buy Higuain for £25m when he had the chance and when he only had one decent forward? Why did Sunderland sell Sessegnon? Why did the Glazers appoint David Moyes when they could have gone for Guardiola, Ancelotti, Mourinho, Blanc or Mancini instead? But the most puzzling question of the lot has to be why did Chelsea let Romelu Lukaku go on loan to Everton? It's not as if Chelsea are exactly flush with decent forwards is it and if Lukaku isn't a ready made replacement for Drogba we really don't know who is. We wonder if TSO will walk out of his next press conference when the cruel journalists put that question to him?

Last night against Newcastle Lukaku looked absolutely unplayable and was rewarded with 2 goals, an assist and a man of the match award. For FL managers, he’s an absolute bargain at £7.6m and will quickly become a must have for anyone with top 10 pretensions.

Most managers stuck with the injured RvP as their captain but perhaps they should heed the Dutchman’s injury record prior to joining ManU along with the fact that RvP has never been the top FL scorer all season and be a little more inventive in the weeks to come. Those few managers who chose Lukaku as their captain this week were richly rewarded whilst the player with the most points this season, Aaron Ramsey has seen his price rise yet again from £5.5m a month ago to £6.4m now. As we said last week, he still looks a bargain on this form. 

RvP, has dropped down the popularity charts to 4th place behind Mignolet, Ramsey and Giroud.

ManU’s form has unleashed a tirade of text jokes this week from “David Moyes spent 11 years trying to get Everton above ManU in the table and at last he’s achieved it” to “It’s like 1973 all over again. Derby sack Clough and ManU are cr*p.” However, we’re sure that ManU’s demise will be short lived and that they’ll be challenging for a European spot any time soon.

The Lukaku effect had a massive influence on our league with Jon Pheasant being “knocked off his perch” by rank outsider and chairman of the league sponsors, Bernie Wilcox who came from nowhere to top spot thanks to choosing the Everton man as his captain. Given that Everton play Bernie’s Manchester City next Saturday we wonder if he’ll stick with him has captain then? Even his son seems to be getting in on the act with Bauhaus’s Jack Wilcox rising to 7th place. We have to wonder how much effort Jack is actually putting into this game given that his captain was the injured Benteke and he also had the injured Walcott in his team. No matter, because his VC was Sturridge who bagged him 28 points. Lucky bugger. Shame about the other brother Ben from Rullion who’s languishing in 66th place. Aside from these two there are quite a few new entries this week including Liverpool fan Dan Ryan who beat the rush and chose Suarez as his captain.


The top 10 are as follows:

Bernie Wilcox, Pari Passu

Jon Pheasant

Matt Holbrook

Dave Cattell

James Mackinnon

Laurence Chilver

Jack Wilcox, Bauhaus

Lee Mitchell

Dan Ryan

Tim Bonnet


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Manager of the Week

We can’t have the sponsor’s chairman as MOTW can we, so we’ve gone for a league veteran, Matt Newman who scored the same number of points in 31st place and coincidently also had Lukaku as his captain.

Very well done Matt and nice to see you back.

Page 2 Pacesetter

Andy Jamieson in a humble 87th place had a fantastic week scoring no less than 84 points with a superb front line of Suarez (C), Giroud and Rooney; a midfield including Yaya, Barkley and Ramsey and with Fonte giving him 7 points in defence. This is a really great team and it looks like Andy has possibly had a peek at who’s in the best teams and played his wildcard accordingly. Now’t wrong with that and we’re sure that Andy will be heading to infinity and beyond very soon.

The Dream Team 

The Dreamteam is the best combination of players that you can pick that week. It’s always a good clue to up and coming players that few managers have picked which is important for those of you not in the top ten because you’re never going to make it by picking the same players as the top managers. Looking for value in unpopular but high performing players is essential if you’re going to make progress. 

John Terry has featured in the DT for two weeks on the run. Many of us thought that he was on the way out but TSO has played him in every game so far. He’s conceded 3, got one assist and one goal and is 4th in the overall points table. At 6.1m we think he’s an absolute bargain.





Times in the DT


Percentage of Managers Chosen By










































































Taxi for...........

Christian Benteke & Robbie Brady

It wasn’t quite certain how long Benteke would be out for but it now seems he won’t be available until Oct 26. Those managers who thought that Brady may be one to have might hold their horses after he was diagnosed with needing a groin operation just last night. He’s withdrawn from the Ireland squad playing on October 11 and 15 so it indicates that it may be a few weeks at least before he’s back.

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