Who did you choose as your captain in the FL dad?

Who was your captain this week then? Was it Ozil with 6 points, Giroud with 12 points, Sturridge or Lukaku with 16 points, or did you choose the mighty Suarez with 34 points? It's hardly surprising that in general, those managers who were brave enough to choose Suarez made great strides whereas those choosing one of the others didn't. And it was a brave decision; up until their demolition by Liverpool on Saturday, The Baggies had not only won at Old Trafford but also had only conceded 2 away goals all season. Well done to all those managers who put their faith in the Uruguayan. We'd have certainly bit your hand off to wind back the clock and choose again. Next weekend Liverpool play Arsenal away. Does anyone dare to do it again?

In our league it was all change with Steady Eddy, Dave Cattell dropping like a stone from 1st to 8th place with Pari Passu’s Bernie Wilcox replacing him at the top. No, Bernie didn’t have Suarez as captain but at least he was in his team, unlike Liverpool fan Dave. Lee Mitchell moved up from 5th to 2nd place but it was Sachin Ruparella’s Fergie Forever who made the most progress leaping from 10th to 3rd place. You’ll remember Sachin as the ManU fan who can’t find a place in his squad for a single player from the team he supports so avidly. Week 7’s Manager of the Week, Peter Bradley also had a good week in which his 75 points took him to 9th place.


The top 10 are as follows:

Bernie Wilcox, Pari Passu

Lee Mitchell

Sachin Ruparella

Lewis McKenny

Laurence Chilver

Jon Pheasant, NonStop Recruitment

Matt Holbrook

Dave Cattell

Peter Bradley

James Mackinnon


Manager of the Week

Coming from nowhere to 22nd place is ConSol Partners’ Luis Cruz and his Athletico Mandingo on no less than 88 points. Luis’s frontline alone comprising Lukaku, Rooney and Suarez (c) brought him 54 of those points which combined with a superb defence giving him 19 points added up to a brilliant week for him.

Well done Luiz.

October’s Manager of the Month

This gives us an idea of those managers coming up on the rails who next month could hit the glory trail. The previously mentioned Sachin Ruparella scored 196 points on the month to take him to 3rd place. In 2nd, it’s that Peter Bradley again but in 1st place for October, we find Lewis McKenny’s Why do I even bother. Lewis is incredibly a member of 16 private leagues and so we have to assume that he takes this FL business a bit seriously. Lewis has averaged over 51 points per week for October, which actually doesn’t sound that many, but it reflects a couple of low scoring weeks.

Well done Lewis.

Page 2 Pacesetter

At 62nd place sits Trevor Hamill’s Northfield FC with an absolutely massive 82 points despite choosing City’s Zabaleta when they were playing Chelsea away. Trevor’s front 3 of Suarez, Sturridge and RvP brought him 53 points for just those 3 players who along with Distin, Mertesacker and Ramsey certainly did the business for Trevor this week. Can he keep it up? He’s got a good team so watch this space

The Dream Team

The Dreamteam is the best combination of players that you can pick that week. It’s always a good clue to up and coming players that few managers have picked which is important for those of you not in the top ten because you’re never going to make it by picking the same players as the top managers. Looking for value in unpopular but high performing players is essential if you’re going to make progress.

Some real bargains to draw your attention to this week in the Dream Team. Tottenham’s Michael Dawson is an ever present in the side that has only conceded 5 goals all season and 3 of them were an aberration against West Ham. At £5.3 million Dawson has to be in everyone’s side. Swansea’s Ashley Williams has now returned to the side and whereas the Swans are nothing like the defensive unit of last season, at £4.8 million, Williams could be a cheap choice defender for some teams.





Times in the DT


Percentage of Managers Chosen By










































































Taxi for...........

Robin van Persie

As City fans we’ve been resisting putting RvP into the taxi in case it backfires and he scores a hat trick a week between now and Christmas, but we can’t hold back any more despite his 11 points this week. RvP is in over a quarter of all teams and is the 3rd most picked striker in the league. Despite this, he has averaged less that 5 points a game if you take the season as a whole and whilst he might be ManU’s second highest scorer, that doesn’t actually say very much. The PFL gives us lots of little tools and stats to help us on our way and if we look at the Value / Season table for strikers then RvP is in 27th place, two above his teammate, Welbeck which kinda says it all. This wouldn’t be so bad if he was priced a little lower but at £13.9 million he’s just too expensive to have in your team. Added to this is the recurring toe injury he has picked up – RvP hasn’t had the best injury records over the years – and he’s a definite swap out.

Who to put in his place? The form strikers are Suarez, Sturridge, Lukaku and Aguero in that order with Lukaku being the cheapest at £8.1 million and also the best out of the four in the Value / Form table. Giroud at £9.6 million is also very popular but if you’re a ManU fan who can’t choose a Liverpool, Arsenal or City player why not go for Rooney who’s scored 7 points more than his Dutch colleague and costs £3 million less?

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