It's the Alexis Sanchez show

The best Fantasy League managers are always reticent to choose big players from abroad until they've settled into the Premiership. Too many fingers have been burnt on players like Ozil and Falcao. Alexis Sanchez came with a big reputation. He was never the first choice at Barcelona until his final season when he scored 19 goals in 34 appearances, and a few of those were from the bench. He had an OK start at Arsenal but he's now on fire scoring 5 goals in his last 3 games, pulling the north Londoners out of the mire in the process. However, the best thing about the Chilean is that the Fantasy League have him down as a midfielder rather than a striker which means of course, that he gets 5 points for every goal scored instead of a striker's 4 points.

At £10.7m (£10.6 before last night’s game) he’s an absolute bargain and not only is he the top points scorer in the whole league but he’s on top of the Value (Form) table for midfielders, which is some doing at that price. He’s still only got a 23% ownership but that’s bound to change soon. We’d advise you to get him in your team fast before his price goes to £12m.

Last week in our league, we thought that Ryan Roberts was going to give that man Oli Ottey a run for his money, however Oli has bit back with a vengeance scoring an incredible 103 points this week. Oli chose Sanchez as his captain to gain him 32 points for him alone and also had Chambers scoring 18 points and Downing scoring 13.

New names this week are Gideon Radivan and Ben Wilcox along with Martin Scrivens who has occasionally graced the Top 10 in previous seasons and last season’s 10th placed manager, Neil Kane.

The top 10 are as follows:

Oli Ottey – Goodman Masson

Adam Eld

Ryan Roberts

Sam Bisgrove

Andy Lytle

Gideon Radivan

Ben Wilcox

John West – Meridian

Neil Kane

Manager of the Week

Oliver Ottey just gets better and better. Not only is he top of our league but he’s top of 5 out of the 6 leagues he’s a member of and 91st in the Fantasy Football Scout league. 91st may not sound too good to some of us, but that particular league is crammed full of Fantasy League geeks and has about 10,000 members so to be in the top 100 in such illustrious company is something to behold.

Very well done yet again, Oli.

Page 2 Pacesetter

With an incredible 84 points in 52nd place we find Joe Stevens who was another manager who benefitted from choosing Sanchez as his captain who along with Chambers, Valencia and Aguero got most of his points.

Great week, Joe. Page 1 next week eh?

The Best of the Rest

This league is getting so big now that those managers at the lower end are unlikely to make it to Page 1 now and so we thought it was only fair to give them the chance of a mention each week.

Our inaugural Best of the Rest winner lies in 110th place but has actually scored an amazing 86 points this week. Hydrogen’s James Mackinnon played his wild card last week and now has a team to rival the very best. In fact, if we were cynical recruitment consultants we’d say that James has got smart and just copied the best team in the league. It’s all in the rules and good on James for making the most of them. We expect him to be rising through the ranks very shortly.

Well done James.

Taxi for...........

Raheem Sterling...............

At the end of last season the young Liverpool star was on top of the midfielder form table. This week he’s 16th in the total points table with just 51 to his name and scoring 3 goals in 10 appearances. That performance just doesn’t justify being the 4th most popular player in the FPL with a 44% ownership.

Liverpool have obviously missed Suarez and whereas it’s impossible to replace his goals, it may have been possible to gain a similar number of points if Brenda could only tighten up his defence. However, that’s just not happened and Liverpool are bang on target to yet again concede 50 goals by the end of the season. Goals at the other end have been particularly hard to come by with Brenda’s “group of players” (try saying it with a strong Northern Ireland accent whilst wearing shoes with built up heels) scoring just 1.3 goals per game this season compared with double that last season. We think that Liverpool along with Sterling are going to be fighting Manchester United for a place in the Europa League which is a pretty sad situation given that they spent over £300m between them this summer.

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“I have known John now for nearly 20 years. He approached me in typical John Whalley fashion with an offer I couldnt turn down- "recruit me on the basis that I will only take a share of what I earn- end of". He did not disappoint, turning his hand in the way that John does to being entreprenuerial and opportunistic- opening doors with clients in a proactive and sytematic way. John was a one off and a rare person in so much that unlike most recruiters he was prepared to back his own skill and talent by only getting paid for what he did. No hiding behind big basics and delivering little, John performed and performed well. He still operates in that fashion today, being proactive, opening doors by introducing clients and to candidates and promoting people who match up to his standards. Well done John for keeping consistent and being true to your talents- long may that continue!”

Futura candidate