Who replaces Aguero as captain?

This weekend in Spain, both Ronaldo and Messi scored hat-tricks. For Ronaldo it was the 23rd of his La Liga career and took him ahead of Telmo Zarra and Alfredo di Stefano from the 1950's. Ronaldo's 3 goals also took him to 200 goals scored in a mere 178 games; the shortest number of games it has taken any player to achieve such a total. Although Messi has been playing in La Liga since 2004, Ronaldo didn't arrive until 2009. However in the time since Ronaldo's arrival, Messi has scored 202 goals but in 182 games. In that time, Ronaldo's averaged 1.13 goals per game compared with Messi's 1.11.

So how does this compare with Kun Aguero, the only EPL player that pundits are even mentioning in the same breath as Messi and Ronaldo? Over the last 2 seasons, Aguero has scored 31 goals in 37 appearances or 0.83 goals per game and this season he’s banging them in at a goal a game. Of course it’s hard to compare La Liga with the EPL so let’s look back on Ronaldo’s best season in England, 2007-08 before his head was turned by Madrid. He scored 31 Premiership goals in 34 games that season or 0.91 per game.

Aguero is undoubtedly the best player in the Premiership and also in the Fantasy League but of course, he suffered a knee ligament injury with the first minute of City’s game against Everton on Saturday night and collected just a single point from the game. We won’t know the extent of that until the swelling goes down, but it’s safe to say he won’t be around for 5 or 6 games minimum.

Kun was everybody’s favourite captain and there are now big decisions to make regarding his replacement. Danny Ings, RvP, Carroll, Bojan and Bony are the next most in-form strikers, but would you bet the farm on any of them? In midfield, Yaya, Walters and Sanchez are next but none of them spring out although both Yaya and Sanchez can be great on their day and Walters has gained 25 points in his last 5 starts.

What about those players coming back from injury? Edin Dzeko is a shoe-in for City now Aguero is out as it’s unlikely that Pellegrini will play Jovetic up front on his own. Dzeko has only played one full 90 minutes all season but he scored 13 points in that game. At the end of last season, he was on fire and his goals effectively won the Premiership for City.

Could he do it again? Decisions, decisions..........


There’s a new name in the Top 10 this week in the shape of Marcus Francis and we also say “Hello again” to star managers from previous seasons, Phu Ngoc and Martin Scrivens. Last year’s winner, Jay Egersdorff moves up a few places into 3rd and looks ominous. 

The top 10 are as follows:

Oli Ottey – Goodman Masson

Neil Kane

Jay Egersdorff

Sam Bisgrove

Phu Ngoc

Ryan Roberts

Martin Scrivens

Gideon Radivan

Adam Eld

Marcus Francis

Manager of the Week

Martin Scrivens was going great guns last season until he fell off a cliff in Week 27. Let’s hope that his current rise in form isn’t so temporary. Martin’s gained a huge 60 points in a week when the average was a mere 33. It was a piece of brilliance to have Yaya as his captain gaining him 20 points but we bet he’d wished he’d chosen RvP instead of Rooney up front! Cisse added in another 12 points for him.

A superb week in trying circumstances Martin.

Page 2 Pacesetter

With a massive 61 points in 59th place we find a new name to this newsletter in the shape of Richard Kirwan. Although his 5-man defence earned him very little, Richard had Yaya in midfield and Bony and RvP up front with the latter earning him 26 points as captain after his 2 goals in the Southampton v Manchester United game last night.

Very well done Richard!

The Best of the Rest

Paul Jordan’s superbly named team, The Moyes Supremacy ripped up trees this week with 54 points lying in 104th place. Despite his lowly position, Paul actually seems to take the game seriously and is in no less that 13 mini leagues some of which he’s quite high up in. We wonder how bad the rest of them are then?

Only joking Paul. Great week and well done.

Taxi for...........

Phil Jagielka.......

The Everton centre back is the 15th most popular Fantasy League player with 17% ownership. He’s also officially the fastest player in the EPL. That speed hasn’t helped him though because he’s not held a clean sheet in the last 5 games and has amassed just 9 points in that time. He’s still getting bought by FPL managers for some reason but we don’t see any reason to hold onto him when for similar money or less you can have Clyne, Bertrand, Janmaat or Fonte or you could go for West Ham’s rising star, Aaron Cresswell.

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