Bargain basement players show up their expensive counterparts

As we go past the halfway mark of the season, there are 13 players that have scored more than 100 points and nearly half of them cost £6.5m or less. Charlie Austin at just £6.4m has to be the bargain attacker of the season but Berahino and Kane also come close. Midfielders Downing, Chadli and Sigurdsson are all right up there in the Value / Season table and are all in the 100 points plus club. The best value defenders with less than 10% ownership are Fonte, Cissokho, Janmaat and O'Shea whereas the best value goalies are Heaton, Guzan, Forster and Green. Guzan has a large ownership but the other three will all give you an edge against your rival managers and free up funds for key acquisitions such at £12.4m Kun Aguero.

In our league the Christmas break proved very profitable for a number of our managers with Paul McCarthy, Luis Cruz and Marcus Francis all breaking into the Top 10 for the first time and John West reappearing. Although Oli Ottey has an impressive lead, he must be worried about the lurking presence of last year’s winner Jay Egersdorff who’s now moved up into 2nd from almost nowhere before Christmas.

The top 10 are as follows:

Oli Ottey – Goodman Masson

Jay Egersdorff

Sam Bisgrove

John West

Eddy Dowling

Paul McCarthy

Luis Cruz

Ryan Roberts

Phu Ngoc

Marcus Francis

Manager of the Week

It’s always nice when a new name appears on these pages and this week we have another in Andy Korczak. Captaining Sanchez when Arsenal’s record against Stoke has been fragile at best was a piece of genius with the Chilean giving him 38 of his 91 points. Throw in Ivanovic’s 11 points and 28 from Downing, Costa, Kane and Austin and you have a very successful week.

Very well done Andy.

Page 2 Pacesetter

With a massive 91 points in 85th place David Marshall is another manager benefitting from the Chilean captain. Downing, Costa, Naismith, Kane, Wisdom and interestingly enough, Mertesacker all contributed as well. David has still got his January wildcard still to play and so we expect even more of him in the future.

Brilliant week David!

The Best of the Rest

We’ve been waiting for Stu Smith to do something in this league from day one just so we could use his Your Mums Athletic team name. There you go, we’ve done it. Having Sanchez as your captain seems to be the thing to do if you want a prize this week and Stu’s team isn’t that different to the other winners other than having Berahino in his attack which is something for a Villa fan.

Great week and well done Stu.

Taxi for...........

Leighton Baines.......

Out of all the defenders in the FPL, only Ivanovic is more expensive than the Everton talisman. His past history of clean sheets, assists and goals from free kicks and penalties made him very desirable but he ain’t been doing too good recently. Despite his assist against City this weekend, he’s only managed 19 points in his last 10 games whereas he scored 68 points in the previous 10. He’s still the fifth most popular defender in the league but we can’t see the attraction anymore. At his price, you could replace him with almost anyone and Ivanovic and Terry seem obvious choices. A lot of the top managers have Swansea’s Ashley Williams in their teams but a better bet may be WBA’s £4.9m Joleon Lescott who will definitely get a game every week and you can rest assured that once Tony Pulis gets his feet under the desk they won’t be letting too many in.

Don’t forget

You have a January wildcard but it runs out at the start of gameweek 23 so get using it right away if you haven’t done so already.

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