Is Cazorla the new Sanchez?

Nobody who watched Arsenal's highly mature and impressive demolition of City on Sunday could fail to be impressed with Santi Cazorla. Of course, in the Spaniard's first EPL season he came straight out of the blocks with 13 goals and another 13 assists and was one of the first choices for all FPL managers.

Last season, he didn’t quite make it with only 80% of the gametime and a mere 8 goals, but he did chip in with 16 assists. Up until the end of November 14 he’d only averaged 2 points per game but since then he’s been on fire with nearly 7 points a game and looking at his MOTM appearance on Sunday, he could go on to have a great season.

He’s a bargain too at a mere £8.2m last night compared with his 2013 end of season price of £9.7m. Something tells us that Cazorla is going to become very popular so beat the rush and get in quick.

In our league it is as you were for the top 3 with no-one captaining Diego Costa. Whilst Eddie Dowling, Paul McCarthy, Dawid M and Ryan Roberts all started to make up ground and all moving up a place. We now have only 13 points covering places 4th down to 7th.

The top 10 are as follows:

Oli Ottey – Goodman Masson

Jay Egersdorff

Sam Bisgrove

Eddy Dowling

Paul McCarthy

Dawid M

Ryan Roberts

John West

Luis Cruz ConsSol Partners

Manager of the Week

Damo Hack it seems has gone and pulled a very impressive 80 points this week thanks to the well placed captaincy of Diego Costa. Whilst Oscar and Eriksen in the midfield scored 25 points between them and then Terry and Coleman bagged a solid 6 points a piece.

It looks like the difference this week was getting the choice of captain right.

Well played Damo.

Page 2 Pacesetter

Recruitment Internationals very own David Head is this weeks Page 2 Pacesetter grabbing 78 points and moving up to 92nd place now.  David’s QPR influenced side has some interesting additions with the inform Ings as captain, with Ivanovic scoring well for him this week. Baines though was sat on the bench with 6 points, it could have been even more!

Brilliant week David!

The Best of the Rest

A common thread running through Steve Shacklock’s team is of Liverpool past and present. No there is no Ian Rush in there, but he does have Downing, Henderson and Sterling racking up 26 points between them.  Who would have thought that Downing would be as in demand as he is this year!

Well done Steve.

Taxi for...........

Gylfi Sigurdsson.......

The ex-Reading trainee is one of nearly every Fantasy Manager’s first picks with an ownership of 42% and at just £6.7m he seems cheap. However, although he’s 7th in the Total Score table he drops to 16th in the Form table and doesn’t even make page 2 of the Value/Form table. That’s a sure sign that he’s dropping like a stone. Bony’s move to City could be the making of him or it could be an end to all those goals and assists. Something tells us that Swansea might have peaked and although they’re very unlikely to be relegated, they’re an awful lot of players around the £5m mark that might be much better value.

Don’t forget

You have a January wildcard but it runs out at the start of gameweek 23 so get using it right away if you haven’t done so already.

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