Prince Harry lights up the league

"Kane is Able", "HurriKane", "Citizen Kane" and "Prince Harry" were just some of the tabloid headlines on Sunday morning after the Spurs wonderkid netted twice to win the North London derby for Tottenham and to not only put pressure on Arsenal, but also on Southampton, Manchester United and Liverpool. The way City are playing at the moment you could arguably include them in that list as well. Harry has now scored 20 goals in all competitions this season, which isn't far short of the 26 that Bale scored in his best season at the club. At £6.1m he's an absolute bargain and yet only 41% of us have him in our sides. Shurely, Shomething wrong?

In our league, none of the top 10 really shone out and it was business as usual with Oli Ottey still leading the pack.

The top 10 are as follows:

Oli Ottey – Goodman Masson

Sam Bisgrove

Ryan Roberts

Eddy Dowling

Jay Egersdorff

John West – Meridian

Marcus Francis

Paul McCarthy

Neil Kane

Luis Cruz – ConSol Partners 

Manager of the Week

Nathan Greene’s superbly named side, Inter Mi’nan managed 71 points this week despite selecting David Silva and Di Maria and captaining Aguero. Nathan’s defence did the trick averaging over 6 points a player and Hazard, Kane and, inspirationally enough, Defoe did the rest.

Very well done Nathan.

Page 2 Pacesetter

With a massive 73 points in 70th place we find Gerry Goldsmith. The last time we saw Gerry was when he won this same award in Week 33 of last season. He was in 82nd place then and so some things have improved. Gerry has gone for an interesting but inexpensive forward line of Ings, Kane and Austin. It’s a shame then, that 3 of his 4 midfielders only scored 2 points between them leaving his captain, Hazard to shore things up. Anyway, 73 points is 73 points and with Gerry’s real team, Chelsea powering ahead despite the conspiracies against them he must be a happy bunny this morning.

Brilliant week Gerry!

The Best of the Rest

With 69 points in 107th place, all of Steve King’s moons must have lined up this week. Sort of. 45 of those 69 points came from Kane (c), Hazard and Ings with Giroud, Foster and Fonte chucking a few into the mix. We have to have our doubts about any manager who puts a QPR defender in his team but omits Charlie Austin. Steve’s still got his wildcard to play and this week’s award could just be the spur he needs to push on onto Page 2.

Great week and well done Steve.

Taxi for...........

Saido Berahino.......

Back in the autumn, there was talk of this bright young thing with bags of potential being the savoir of the England team. How time flies and how quickly a brief moment of success can go to a young man’s head. He’s now only scored 2 goals since the end of October and hasn’t had an assist all season, which may say something in itself. According to the tabs, his team mates are so fed up with his disloyalty to the club who brought him through they’ve been ignoring him in training and won’t even pass to him in a match. It’s therefore surprising that over 12% of us still have him in our teams.

Ship him out quick is what we say.

Don’t forget

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