After City and Chelsea drop points, do Arsenal really have a chance?

Arsenal are definitely on a roll. Since they lost away to Southampton on New Year's Day, they've only lost 1 game in 8 Premiership fixtures, dropping just 3 points in that period and now sit just one point behind City and 7 behind Chelsea who they meet at home on April 26th. That's obviously a must-win match for the "serial losers" but if they do, and you discount Manchester United away the only really tough game they've got is Liverpool at home. Could Wenger do the unthinkable? He's got a better chance than Pellegrini that's for sure.

In our league, the mantra was “captain Aguero”. After all, only the hapless QPR have conceded more goals than Burnley and so the highest scoring team in the league was bound to fill its boots at Turf Moor but whilst Burnley have been pretty poor against the lower and mid-table teams, they held both City and Chelsea to draws at the Etihad and the Bridge, had beaten Stoke away and had held Manchester United to a home draw at a time when United were flush with the confidence of Long Ball Louis’s exploits in Brazil.

And City couldn’t beat them and Captain Aguero was a 4 point wonder. Out of all our Top 10 only two managers chose a different captain. Sam Bisgrove was rewarded with 55 points for picking the form team’s striker, Giroud as his and Neil Kane picked David Silva. Hmmmmm.

Sam’s sneaking up on the rails and there’s now only 12 points separating Sam and Oli, who seems to have done a City since Christmas.

The top 10 are as follows:

Oli Ottey – Goodman Masson

Sam Bisgrove

Jay Egersdorff

John West – Meridian

Eddy Dowling

Matt Newman

Ryan Roberts

Sachin Ruparelia, Camino Partners

Marcus Francis

Neil Kane

Manager of the Week

Sam Bisgrove was the only manager on Page 1 who managed a score beginning with a 5 this week and this was not only because of his astute choice of captain in Giroud who racked him up a cool 22 points, but also because of his superb 3 man defence of Baines, Ivanovic and the BFG, Mertesacker who bagged 19 between them. Don’t get giddy about Baines though. His 8 points came from his clean sheet and not from his attacking prowess. In fact, he’s not scored since November and has only had one assist all year.

It’s a great week for Sam and the way he’s shaping up for the run-in, we can see the champion’s prize heading his way.

Page 2 Pacesetter

Only just sneaking into Page 2 at 99th place and a very impressive 52 points is Craig Courtman. Craig did this at the same time as having both Aguero and Silva in his team but his trump card was captaining Giroud and also bravely picking 11 point George Boyd who scored the Burnley winner. 

Welcome to page 2 Craig.

The Best of the Rest

How on earth do you score 70 points in a week like this and end up in 159th place? Well Matt Ellis has done it. This is a man who has only made 5 transfers all season and so it must be a fluke yes? Let’s look at his team just for the shear amazement of it.

Howard 7, Schlupp (who?) 7, Chambers 6, Coleman 6, Bruce 5, Sterling 2, Henderson 8, Sigurdsson 2, Ramsey 14, Pelle 1, Costa (C) 12.

What an absolutely brilliant week, Matt. Very well done.


“I have known John now for nearly 20 years. He approached me in typical John Whalley fashion with an offer I couldnt turn down- "recruit me on the basis that I will only take a share of what I earn- end of". He did not disappoint, turning his hand in the way that John does to being entreprenuerial and opportunistic- opening doors with clients in a proactive and sytematic way. John was a one off and a rare person in so much that unlike most recruiters he was prepared to back his own skill and talent by only getting paid for what he did. No hiding behind big basics and delivering little, John performed and performed well. He still operates in that fashion today, being proactive, opening doors by introducing clients and to candidates and promoting people who match up to his standards. Well done John for keeping consistent and being true to your talents- long may that continue!”

Futura candidate