The Prem disrupts the FA Cup and the FA Cup disrupts the Fantasy League

There was some discord when it was announced that Arsenal's FA Cup semi final at Wembley was to be screened at the same time as Chelsea's Premier League clash against Manchester United. We're sure most of us would have preferred to watch the EPL game but we're also sure that most of us were unhappy with yet another nail in the FA Cup coffin being driven in by the broadcasters. For us Fantasy League managers, the worse thing was the total devastation of our teams with Liverpool, Arsenal, Villa, Sunderland, Hull and QPR all without games. 4 of those teams have double gameweeks this week and Arsenal v Sunderland is in gameweek 37.

In our league that old stager, John West ripped it up with a full team and a huge 68 points. How lucky was that, or did John know a few weeks ago about the fixtures and had carefully planned for it?

The top 10 are as follows:

Oli Ottey – Goodman Masson

John West – Meridian

Matt Newman

Jay Egersdorff

Sam Bisgrove

Marcus Francis

Eddy Dowling

Paul McCarthy

Ryan Roberts

Neil Kane

Manager of the Week

A new name to these pages is David Star. In 17th place, David is the only manager on Page 1 whose score starts with a 7. His defence of Schmeichel, Terry, Huth, Dawson and Rose scored 28 points between them and when you add in 20 for Hazard and Eriksen and having Aguero (c), Kane and Vardy up front you can see why David has amassed so many points in this very trying week.

Great performance David.

Page 2 Pacesetter

With 58 points in 54th place we find another newcomer to these pages in IQ’s Greg Coleshill and his wonderfully-named side, Marshmellow Tulips. We wonder where that one came from, now? Greg’s defence fortuitously included Schlupp and Zouma – how did he know that Zouma was going to play and why put a Leicester defender in your team, we began to ask, but the boy’s won the points!

A fantastic performance Greg. All the best for the remainder of the season.

The Best of the Rest

These short weeks throw up all sorts of abnormalities and one of them is Simon Heal getting a mention. As we know Simon personally, we can vouch that his knowledge of the game is what his 5 year old son tells him and so for Simon to gain 69 points in a single week and to win the Best of the Rest award shows just what a crazy week we’ve had.

A very well done to Simon’s son!

Taxi for...........

Gael Clichy.......

At £5.4m, Clichy offers a cheap way into the City defence, but with or without their captain, is that what you really want? The best defences are Southampton and Chelsea and although City’s defence is comparable with teams like Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool, they are only keeping clean sheets in 1 in 3 games. Clichy himself has missed a third of all EPL games this season and with 3 games out of the next 5 at home, you can bet that the City hierarchy will want his able stand-in, Aleks Kolarov to play those and keep him sweet in case the Italian clubs come sniffing in the summer.  

The obvious replacements come from Everton, Spurs and Arsenal.

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