Kaptain Kun to the rescue

Those of us who captained Kun Aguero this week were richly rewarded with a hat trick and 2 assists plus 3 bonus points to make it 46 for the week. Kun has had a remarkable 4 seasons in English football including of course, his stunning winner against QPR in 2012, which brought the Premiership trophy to The Etihad for the first time. During those 4 seasons, the diminutive Argentinean has scored 2 goals every three games and this season, he's scored a goal every 94 minutes on the pitch, some distance ahead of Costa on 103 minutes, and way ahead of Kane’s 120 minutes. But Aguero doesn't just score goals. He can claim 7 assists this season, as many as Costa (3) and Kane (4) put together, and his passing accuracy is also ahead of his rivals, with 85 per cent of his passes reaching their target against Costa’s 76 per cent and Kane’s 73 per cent.

It’s therefore quite a mystery why he’s never ever featured in the PFA Team of the Season and that both Kane and Costa are in this season’s team ahead of him. John Terry made it this year, but hasn’t featured before that since 2005 which is surprising given Chelsea’s success over that time and the fact that their talisman is now the Premiership’s highest scoring defender, having bagged the opener against Liverpool on Sunday. Terry has now scored in each of his last 15 seasons and has moved ahead of the previous record holder, Everton’s David Unsworth who was a prolific penalty taker. Of course, Terry’s record is even more impressive given that his goals have not been penalties. The other 3 best goal scoring defenders are Ian Harte, Leighton Baines and William Gallas.

In our league we’d ask you to spare a thought for poor Sam Bisgrove who had no Aguero in his team and ended up with just 34 points. On the other hand, Gideon Radivan swept into the Top 10 with no less than 105 points with Aguero (c), Silva, Terry and Fabianski who scored 12 on his own after his absolutely brilliant display last night against his old club. It seems incredible that a number of managers didn’t captain Aguero. Really guys; in-form City at home to QPR and you prefer Sanchez or Benteke? Well, we understand that you are trying to get an edge over the opposition by doing something different but it’s a big risk to take with 3 games to go. It could cost someone £500.

Talking of prizes, it is essential that you include your proper name (Dawid M) and your agency name. This is the only way that we can start to check that the person we’re giving the prize to is the same person who’s actually won the prize.

The top 10 are as follows:

Matt Newman

Jay Egersdorff

John West – Meridian

Oli Ottey – Goodman Masson

Marcus Francis

Eddy Dowling

Paul Harron

Sam Bisgrove

Gideon Radivan

David Star

Manager of the Week

We’re not quite sure who Dawid M is but he’s had a brilliant week with Aguero (c), Silva, Terry, van Aanholt and Leicester’s Riyad Mahrez who scored him 16 points. This £4.9m midfielder has shown no statistical evidence whatsoever of being able to perform like that and previous to this week, had only got into double figures twice all season. A run of form giving him 8 points from the last 7 games hasn’t helped either. So why did Dawid M pick him? What inside knowledge has he gained?

We think we should be told.

Page 2 Pacesetter

With 1 points in 86th place we find the wonderfully-named Mohammed Ali. Mohammed has had quite a run of form lately with 70+ scores in 5 of his last 9 gameweeks and steadily rising up the table from its nether regions. His defence of Schmeichel, Schlupp, and Vlaar all performed very well and with the addition of Henderson’s 7 and Kaptain Kun’s 46, he’s had a brilliant week.

Very well done for a remarkable run of form Mohammed.

The Best of the Rest

Rick Foster’s broke the ton! And he’s done it with 10 men! We can only think that this is some sort of lucky aberration because he’s still got Costa in his team and his 3 subs didn’t play either. Anyway, at least he’s loyal to his team and well rewarded for that loyalty with 22 points from his 3 Sunderland players this week.

Well done anyway Rick. Could you please your lottery numbers this weekend please?

Taxi for...........

Taxi for Charlie Austin......

Scoring 17 goals in 30 Premiership appearances, Charlie has had a wonderful season but he now hasn’t scored for the last 4 games and has only bagged 2 in the last 8. After QPR’s disgusting display against City on Sunday sealed their relegation fate, we can’t see Charlie bagging too many in the final 2 games against Newcastle who really need to win to avoid the drop themselves and the in-form Leicester City. 

The problem is of course, finding an in-form striker for £6.2m but Leonardo Ulloa looks OK and the Sunderland pair of Jermain Defoe and Danny Graham have 3 games left to play albeit that 2 of those are against Chelsea and Arsenal.

Team names please

Now we’re at the business end of the season we’d like to remind all those who have a chance of a prize that we need your agency name as part of your team name. It’s the only way we can ensure that we are paying the prizes out to the correct managers and that those managers are genuinely in the recruitment industry. Thanks.

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