Jay Egersdorff does a Red Rum to win the league

Red Rum won its first Grand National in 1973 coming from over 30 lengths behind to beat Crisp by 3/4 of a length at the finish post. This win was a remarkable achievement in itself but it preceded an historic three National wins for the Southport-based thoroughbred.

Peter O’Sullevan’s commentary at the time encapsulates the victory.

“Just a furlong to run now, 200 yards now for Crisp, and Red Rum is still closing on him! Crisp is getting very tired, and Red Rum is pounding after him. Red Rum is the one who’s finishing the strongest. He’s going to get up! Red Rum is going to win the National. At the line Red Rum has just snatched it from Crisp!”

Just last week we wrote “it would be unthinkable that anyone could catch Matt Newman now”, but the unthinkable has indeed happened and Jay Egersdorff has knocked Matt well and truly off his perch with an amazing 82 points to finish 10 points clear of Matt who ended the league campaign with a disappointing 43. Jay didn’t have much to lose by being extremely brave. His £50 prize was in the bag and if he had a good week, he might have just won the £100 runners-up medal and so, with a piece of pure genius, he made Walcott his captain for the day and scored an amazing 40 points off the Arsenal man on his own. Who’d have imagined that Theo Walcott who’d only bagged two other goals in the whole season could get a hat trick? The mind boggles.

Jay Egersdorff is definitely the Red Rum of the Fantasy League. Not only has he come from 4th last week to win so dramatically, but it’s his second win in a row. We’re expecting great things from Jay yet again next season.

Matt Newman ran a great race and fell at the last, but still managed the £100 runner-up prize. There was a draw for 10th place between Bauhaus’s Ben Wilcox and Gideon Radivan and that prize will be split £25 each.

The top 10 are as follows:

Jay Egersdorff – ESP

Matt Newman – Camino

Marcus Francis

John West – Meridian

Oli Ottey – Goodman Masson

Eddy Dowling – Brightwater recruitment

Paul Harron – EQ Resourcing

Sam Bisgrove

Paul McCarthy

Ben Wilcox – Bauhaus – Joint 10th

Gideon Radivan – Joint 10th

Claiming your prize

We’d just like to remind everyone that to claim your prize you must actually be employed in a trading recruitment agency on the final day of the season and be able to prove it. That does exclude managers who work in related support areas such as umbrellas. You must also have the name of your agency in your FL name. To do this you go to User Profile at the bottom left of the screen, then log in and go to Update Your Account. You can then add your agency’s name to your Lastname and press submit. We need you to do this so that we can verify that the person claiming the prize is the same person who is on the league table.

To claim your prize, email fantasyfootball@futurarec2rec.com by Monday June 8th, 2015 (not June 1st as we wrote last week). Futura will run through some ID and other checks, take your bank details and then send your prize money out shortly afterwards.

If you don’t claim by that time you will forfeit your prize so please make sure it’s done on time and that you set your email for a sent and read receipt. Futura will acknowledge all claims with 24 working hours of receiving them. If you don’t get an acknowledgement please call Futura on 0161 923 9000.

Manager of the Week 

Gideon Radivan played a blinder to just about sneak into joint 10th place with a great score of 61 points on the week helped by 10 points Cazorla, 8 points Zabaleta and 7 points Hazard along with gaining 12 points from having Aguero as his captain. His 10th place rival, Ben Wilcox could only manage 52 but if City fanatic Ben had removed his blue tinted specs and captained Harry Kane instead of Aguero, he would have just pipped Gideon. It’s all about the captain as they say.

Well done for a great fight back Gideon. 

Page 2 Pacesetter

We have a new name to these pages in the form of Wayne O’Brien who scored 62 points to take him to a 61st place finish. Wayne’s actually in another recruitment league and has finished in 11th place in that one. Just shows the quality of manager we have in our league eh?

Well done Wayne. We’re looking for a Page 1 finish from you next year.

The Best of the Rest

In 120th place with 61 points on the week we find Hans Gruber. Hans is one of the 1% of managers who has City’s iffy centre back, Eliaquin Mangala who not only got his clean sheet but provided an assist as well. We don’t know a single other manager who has chosen the £40m man so well done to Hans for thinking outside of the box.

Taxi for...........

We were going to give our final Taxi award to Brenda Rodgers for conceding as many goals as last season at the same time as scoring half as many but we’re going to leave Brenda alone to deal with his bruised ego and pick on our Sponsor’s MD, Tim Goodwin instead.

Tim fancies himself as a font of all knowledge when it comes to football despite supporting Everton. You can see him on the touchline of his 8-year-old son’s match every Saturday, shouting encouragement and changing tactics.

Its therefore a pity that Tim’s actually finished in 143rd place which is a full 80 points behind one of his female employees who professes to know nothing about football at all.

Hmmmm. It’s a good job he’s on holiday this week!

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