The usual suspects let everyone down

When the PFL's Dream Team only features 3 midfielders and when those in question are Dorrans, Jedinak and Willian you know for certain that most managers' midfields are going to have had a pants week. And that's exactly what happened with the best manager in our league scoring a mere 61 points.

The best manager in our Top 10, Tom Pratt was the only one to have a score beginning with a 5 and won his 52 points from just 4 players in Speroni, Jagielka, Bertrand and Costa (c). Tom’s got some serious transfer business to conduct this week with nearly half his squad injured. Wildcard coming Tom?

The top 10 are as follows:

Sam Bisgrove

Oli Ottey

Adam Eld

Steve Pardoe

Andy Lytle

Sachin Ruparelia, Camino Partners

Tom Pratt

James Alderson

Andrew Midgley

Paul Harron


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Manager of the Week

You have to go back to Week 33 of last season to see a mention for Jerry Goldsmith when in 92nd place he won our Page 2 Pacesetter award. Well this season Jerry is really taking it seriously and, boosted by being one of only 2% of managers that selected Palace’s Mile Jedinak, Jerry is our Manager of the Week with an impressive 61 points. Jedinak could be one to watch having scored 18 points in his last two outings and he’s still less than £5m. 

Very well done Jerry.

Page 2 Pacesetter

With 58 points in 56th place we find this week’s Page 2 Pacesetter in the form of ConSol Partners’ Luis Cruz and his imaginatively-named Cliff Richard’s U16’s team.  Luis was helped by selecting a superb defence in Mannone, Taylor, Wisdom and Bertrand who brought him 27 points for those 4 players alone.

Keep up the good work Luis. 

Taxi for...........

Arron Ramsey...............

This could easily have been Wayne Rooney but with the injury-prone Arsenal man looking to be out for 5-6 weeks and being a fixture in a third of all manager’s teams it’s time to ship out the Welshman. Could Steven Gerrard at a similar price but only a 5% ownership be a Ramsey alternative here?

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“I have known John now for nearly 20 years. He approached me in typical John Whalley fashion with an offer I couldnt turn down- "recruit me on the basis that I will only take a share of what I earn- end of". He did not disappoint, turning his hand in the way that John does to being entreprenuerial and opportunistic- opening doors with clients in a proactive and sytematic way. John was a one off and a rare person in so much that unlike most recruiters he was prepared to back his own skill and talent by only getting paid for what he did. No hiding behind big basics and delivering little, John performed and performed well. He still operates in that fashion today, being proactive, opening doors by introducing clients and to candidates and promoting people who match up to his standards. Well done John for keeping consistent and being true to your talents- long may that continue!”

Futura candidate