What a week that was!

Southampton score 8 against Sunderland who score the funniest OG in history, Aguero scores 4 against Spurs AND misses a pen and for the first time in EPL history there are 4 pens awarded in a game, Arsenal are lucky to draw at home with Hull, Newcastle win a game, Everton win a game AND keep a clean sheet, QPR contrive to both score 2 and concede 2 in the final 8 minutes with Richard Dunne securing the record number of EPL OGs ever and Manchester United's Marouane Fellaini has his first decent game in a red shirt. The Baggies were made to eat their tweeted words when he scored within 3 minutes of coming on - "Fellaini has now taken his tracksuit off. Fortunately he has a Man U strip on underneath"

So how did all this mayhem affect our league?

That man Oli Ottey who has been threatening to take the lead for weeks murdered it with 97 points gaining 38 points alone by choosing Aguero as his captain and he could have made it 48 if the diminutive Argentinean hadn’t missed a pen. Sam Bisgrove who dropped to 2nd place actually had Aguero in his side but for some unfathomable reason chose Aguero’s countryman, Di Maria instead. Poor call Sam. And we have three newcomers to the Top 10 in the form of Dawid M, Ryan Roberts and Gareth Davies. Gareth was last week’s MOTW and so is definitely one to watch. Well done boys.

The top 10 are as follows:

Oli Ottey

Sam Bisgrove

Andy Lytle

Adam Eld

Dawid M

Jay Egersdorff

Sachin Ruparelia, Camino Partners

Ryan Roberts

Gareth Davies

Andrew Midgley

Manager of the Week

You’d think that in such a high scoring week that 3 figure scores would abound, but not the case. The only manager to break the ton was Maxim Syncyszyn who scored a very impressive 102 points. Maxim was extremely lucky that his captain, Costa was injured and his VC was Aguero but we’ll all take all the luck we can get in this topsy-turvy fantasy football world.

Very well done anyway Maxim.

Page 2 Pacesetter

With 82 points in 64th place we find this week’s Page 2 Pacesetter in the form of Tom Garratt. Arsenal fan Tom unfortunately chose the man that Arsenal fans like to label a turncoat in the shape of Cesc Fabregas as his captain and had Aguero as his VC. If only it was the other way around. Tom would have been catapulted into 41st place but on the other hand, he wouldn’t have been eligible for this extremely prestigious award if he had done.

Better luck next week Tom.

Taxi for...........

Daniel Sturridge...............

Poor Daniel who has only played in the first 3 games of the season, injured himself again jogging around the training pitch. Brenda thinks he’s going to be out for upto 4 weeks and could miss 6 games for Liverpool in that time. You’d think that someone who hasn’t scored since August 17 wouldn’t feature in any FL teams but some poor souls thought he’d recovered and he’s actually owned by nearly 10% of managers. At £11.2m he’s simply too expensive to wait for. Another £1.2m gets you Aguero, Costa comes for now’t and Pelle, Sakho, Vardy and Berahino leave you with loads of dosh to spend on your midfield.

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