Join the recruitment industry's first, best and biggest fantasy football league

Because we know how difficult it is to juggle placements, client calls, paperwork etc in the middle of August when you're covering for your colleagues who are busy sunning themselves on the beach, our fantasy league gives you that bit more time.

The Recruitment International Fantasy Football League sponsored by FuturaRec2Rec actually starts on Gameweek 4 which means that everyone has until Sept 13 at 1130 to submit their team.

Don’t leave it til then though.

Get yours in this week.

Can you could topple last season’s top prize-winner, ESP’s James (Jay) Egersdorff and win the £500 top prize or knock 2nd prize-winner, IPS’s Phu Ngoc off his perch and collect £100? Even if you don’t come first or second there are another 8 runners-up prizes of £50 each provided by our sponsor, FuturaRec2Rec. Would you pick any of the players in Mr Head’s dream team?

Even if you turn out not to be the brilliant manager and tactician you think you are you can still join the hundreds of other recruitment industry professionals and have a superb time over the next season pitting your wits against each other in the industry’s leading Fantasy Football League. It’s actually run by the Premier League itself and is not only free to enter for recruitment professionals with superb prizes but you can also get you and your company a mention every week in our newsletter that goes out to over 50,000 recruiters.

The new season is almost upon us and the Fantasy League is now open up for business – log on and join in today.

For those of you who haven’t played Fantasy League before, it’s really easy. Players get points for clean sheets, goals and assists. It’s all done online and managed by the Premier League themselves so there’s no paperwork to worry about. All you do is pick your best team of 15 players (including subs) and spend less than £100m. You then just enter a code to join our mini-league and the Fantasy League site does the rest in terms of calculating the points you have accrued and where you stand in the table. If you’ve already got a team you just join our mini-league and use the same team. You can make transfers and even play wildcards when you realise that your team needs a complete overhaul. Full instructions are below:

We’ll publish a weekly review of the movers and shakers along with those further down the league who have just had a great week. We’ll also interview the eventual winners and profile them in the magazine at the end of the season which will do your career no harm whatsoever.

Futura will provide the prizes as follows:

  • Overall winner at end of season wins £500 cash.
  • Runner-up at end of season wins £100 cash.
  • The next 8 places at end of season win £50 each in cash.

The places are those determined by the main site and their decision is final. If points are level at the end of the season then the prizes will be fairly split in a way determined by Futura. To claim your prize you must actually be employed in a trading recruitment agency on the final day of the season (and be able to prove it) and you must include the name of your agency in your team name so we can verify that it’s actually you we’re handing over the prize money to. Prizes must be claimed with proof of employment within 14 days of the final game of the season.

What are you waiting for then? Get registered and get selecting. That’s the business you’re in after all!


  • Log onto and register/fill in the form. Please select “England” as the country.
  • Enter your firstname and then enter your surname with the name of your agency after your surname.
  • You will then receive a confirmation/activation email which you must verify before you can select your team.
  • Once verified, click on the homepage (Premier League shield in the top left corner) and then select “my team”.
  • Select your squad, complete and name your team.
  • Go to the Leagues tab and select Join a League.
  • Select Private League and enter the League Code 256932-69628 and click Join Private League. Please note that you have to actually enter this code. Copy and paste doesn’t seem to work on this.

And that’s it! Just keep on top of it to see how good a manager you really are.

Please note that if you were a member of our league last year you will should be automatically added to this year’s league as soon as you select your team.

Recruitment International and Futura Rec2Rec have no access to your login data on the site and therefore your personal details are entirely confidential, however if you want to be included on the weekly fantasy league review newsletter please send an e-mail to with the word “newsletter” in the subject line.


“Tim Goodwin is a fab rec2rec consultant; he has always been a true professional even in the most difficult of circumstances. He forms an excellent rapport with both his clients and candidates and truly does understand his marketplace and also what his candidates are looking for. Tim has offered fantastic advice which has helped me within my roles and I would certainly recommend Tim to any consultant looking for a new role.”

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