Who's your go-to captain?

With most squads being made up of any 15 from 22 players, the choice of captain is crucial for the rest of the season. Just this week, the difference between captaining Mahrez (away to Villa, not a bad shout) and Aguero (only scored more than one goal in a game once all season before Saturday) was a massive 30 points.

So who are the contenders?

Giroud. Up until Christmas, he’d scored 9 goals in 13 games with all of those single goals per game. Since then, he’s only scored in one game in his last 5 but he did get a brace. Looking at the rest of the season there shouldn’t be much to worry Arsenal except away games at Spurs, City and United.

Aguero. When he’s fit, Kun is the best striker in the world but can he stay fit? Only time will tell, but Pellegrini is being very careful with him and although he’s been back for 6 games now, he’s only played one full 90 minutes. With 9 games scheduled over 6 weeks, City will be calling on the diminutive Argentinean more and more and it is unlikely that he will be rested for the Capital One Cup semi, the final if City get there and the CL games against Dynamo Kyiv. That suggests possible rests against lesser EPL opposition like Sunderland and Newcastle. 

Vardy or Mahrez. No goals in the last 6 games and just one assist in the last 5 says to us that Vardy won’t be as prolific in the second half of the season as he was in the first. Mahrez has had no goals or assists in the last 5 games but he did rack up 2 missed pens in that time. That’s him done for as first choice penalty taker and probably as captain material as well.

Ozil. With 14 assists in 14 games, Mesut Ozil has become the EPL’s Mr Reliable. He’s now showing the form that had us all drooling when he played for Real. He doesn’t score many goals though and has only bagged 3 in the league all season. He’s got a good run of fixtures but can a midfielder be your go-to captain? Hmmmmm.

Lukaku. He’s only scored in one game in the last 5 but before that scored in 9 of the previous 11 games. He could easily score another 15 goals in the remainder of the season to take his season tally upto that magic 30 goals mark. The £28m that Everton paid to Chelsea seems cheap at the price now.

Ighalo. He’s not scored in the last 3 games, but before that he’d bagged 7 in 6 games taking his half season total to 13. Not bad for a newbie but not as your regular captain.

In our league, most managers went for Kane as their captain losing out to the Aguero brigade. As we said before, choice of captain is the single most important decision each week for the rest of the season. We’d like to make you all aware of the emergence into the Top 10 of Jay Egersdorff. Jay has won the league twice in the last two years and isn’t someone to mess with. Oh dear.

The Top 10 are as follows:

Paul Cellini

Luis Cruz, ConSol Partners

Mike Bernard

Alan Furley

Ben Wilcox, Bauhaus

Bartley Hilliam

Adam Grainger

George Bartlett

Jay Egersdorff

Jon Pheasant

Manager of the Week

Miles Anderson-Smith

In 20th place with a huge 94 points we find yet another a newbie to these pages, one Miles Anderson-Smith. After Tarik Bell-Ross won last week we’d like to point out that you don’t have to have a double-barrelled name to win MotW – you just have to score the most points. Newcastle fan Miles chose Wijnaldum as his captain and scored a respectable 26 points off him but he didn’t stop there. He’s got no less than 3 Georgie players in his team so he’s putting his money where his mouth is. Erikson, Williams and Cech brought Miles a further 40 points in addition to his captain’s 26 so you can see why he ended up with 94.

What a great week Miles.

Page 2 Pacesetter

Eddie Dowling......

Last season, Eddie ended up in overall 6th place on the final day of the season. He’s now kicking around Page 2 in 54th place but he’s had a stormer this week with no less than 87 points, 15 of which came from Bournemouth defender, Charlie Daniels. Daniels has scored 53 points in his last 8 games, costs £4.5m and has a 0.3% ownership. Anyone who puts him in their team knows a bit about the Fantasy League and Eddie is certainly one of them. It’s a shame about his current lowly position but maybe that’s just reflecting the fortunes of Eddie’s favourite club, the Villa.

We just feel that there’s more to come Eddie!

The Best of the Rest

Joel Warner .........

With 81 points in 103rd place we find Manchester City fanatic, Joel Warner.

Joel is another manager who’s finding little bargains at Bournemouth this time with 10 point midfielder, Dan Gosling. Joel also has City hotshot KdB in his side but we wonder if he will stay in it for City’s visit to West Ham next weekend. The Ginger Pele has only notched up one single away goal all season and no away assists at all. He’s definitely a homer.

Well done Joel. Let’s hope this wildcard is the start of something great.

Taxi for...........

Vincent Kompany.......

Apart from 9 brief minutes against Sunderland in December, City’s captain has only played 8 games this season but has kept an amazing 7 clean sheets in those games with his only conceded goal an uncharacteristic spillage by Joe Hart. However, the big Belgian has now had two failed come-backs so far this term and Pellegrini says that it will now be the final quarter of the season before we see him playing regularly again. Despite all this bad news, Kompany is still the 8th most popular defender in the FPL with a 13% ownership. At £6.2m he’s just too expensive to sit on the bench.

Get him binned!

One to watch..........

Fraser Forster......

This superb goalie broke his kneecap taking an innocuous goal kick against Burnley in March last year but he’s recovered well and ahead of target and now is firmly back in the Southampton goal with two clean sheets to his name already. His importance to Southampton cannot be overstated. They earned 13 clean sheets with him last season and just 2 without him. Could Forster’s return spell a turnaround in Southampton’s recent defensive fragility? They have been one of the best sides in not conceding shots on target but they’ve been rubbish at saving those shots. Forster will undoubtedly change all that and at £4.8m with just 0.3% ownership you should seriously consider getting him in your side.

No Brainer!

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