Lots of points but the wrong players scoring them.

There were absolutely loads of points on offer this week; it's just that the "wrong" players scored them. The highest scorer got 112 points whereas the average was just 41. If you took last week's Top 10, only Mike Barnard and George Bartlett scored more than 50 and they didn't actually cover themselves in glory. Others like Luis Cruz (35), Paul Cellini (31) and last week's leader, Ben Wilcox (28) were absolutely pathetic.

Nothing illustrates the week better than Liverpool’s demolition of Villa yesterday when if you take Clyne out of the equation, the average ownership percentage of the goalscorers was just 1%. We’ve reproduced the FPL Dreamteam below and there’s only Clyne and Payet who have more than a 20% ownership.

So things have been shaken up a little!













Kolo Toure












Van Dijk





























The Top 10 are as follows:

Mike Bernard

Alan Furley

Ben Wilcox, Bauhaus

George Bartlett

Bartley Hilliam

Paul Cellini

Natasha Wilcox, Futura Rec2Rec

Phil Dancey

Dave Cattell

Matt Newman

Manager of the Week

Bartley Hilliam .......

Bartley continues to flirt with the Top 10, sometimes in and sometimes out. When he does well, he does very, very well and this week was no exception. 67 points is something to behold on a week like this and Bartley mainly won his points from Clyne, Payet and Costa. Interestingly enough, Spurs fanatic Bartley, left Harry “He’s one of our own” Kane on the bench. We wonder why that was then?

Nice to see you back Bartley. Try and stay there this time eh!

Page 2 Pacesetter

Tarik Bell-Ross......

63 points was indeed a great score this week. Tarik won his by choosing Payet as his captain (26) and Willian (13). Throw in Ozil (8) and Giroud (5) and that’s about it. It’s a shame he left 13 points on the bench in the form of Deeney and Azpilicueta or he could have really shook things up and he could have been half way up page 1.

Welcome to the newsletter Tarik!

The Best of the Rest

Stuart Burton.........

With a massive 69 points in 108th place, FuturaRec2Rec’s Business Support Manager Stuart Burton has had a decent week at last. Stuart used to be quite good at this game, but family commitments, going to the gym twice a day and watching Manchester United have all taken their toll. Actually, Stuart’s team is probably one of the better-balanced teams in the league this week with the major points being shared by 6 players. As part of the sponsor’s team, Stuart often makes suggestions for One to Watch etc, but we always tend to ignore him. Not anymore!

A superb week Stuart. No doubt we won’t hear the last of it for the next month or so.

Taxi for...........

Odion Ighalo.......

The £6.2m forward with a 35% ownership has carded just one goal (and that was against the hapless Newcastle) in his last 7 outings. You’d think that he’d be able to do something last weekend against a Palace side that’s shipped 17 goals in 7 games but nothing. In fact, you can closely correlate his drop off in form with him talking of having a gentleman’s agreement with Watford that he could leave to join Manchester United in the summer. Is he having a bubble? We’re sure Jose is spending his current leisure time scouting him, not.

Get him binned!

One to watch..........

Matt Targett..........

It only seems a few weeks ago when we had the young Southampton defender in the taxi because he wasn’t getting a game. That was in gameweek 12 and he didn’t play for a long time, but Matt’s back! Not only is he back in the team but in a new role. He’s now playing left midfield in Koeman’s new 3-4-3 formation. He’s delivered two assists in his last 4 starts and with Forster back between the sticks; he also bagged 4 clean sheets to boot.

At just £3.9m, and 9.3% ownership Targett has to be part of your transfer plans.

No Brainer!

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With the latest hacking of our league from semi-professional FL-ers, its even more important. Please help us manage the league better by doing this.

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