Short week, short scores

After last week's bonanza, this week has been disappointing to say the least for most of our managers. Coupled with a short week of only 7 games, Spurs fell off their horse which upset those of us who'd captained Harry and who had filled up with Spurs players who looked like they were going to go on a massive run until the end of the season. Now, with Leicester looking like they may tie up the league on Saturday we wonder if the Spurs players may take their foot off the gas a little? Spurs play on Monday night and will know by then if they still have something to play for other than finishing above Arsenal.

So, for our FL ambitions, which teams DO have something to play for?

Obviously, City and Arsenal are still battling for 3rd place and it could be that if Spurs do fall off their horse, 2nd place, but neither team seems to be taking it seriously. Let’s not discount United trying for a 4th place finish and for LvG to keep his job, incredible as that sounds.

The chasing pack are United, West Ham, Liverpool and Southampton. They need a 6th place finish to guarantee European football next season and 7th place if United win the FA Cup. However, if Liverpool win the Europa League, 8th could do it and if City win the Champions League that could be reversed, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Down the bottom, Sunderland, Norwich and Newcastle will battle to the end and above them, Palace will probably do nothing to harm their FA Cup chances.

In our league, the Top 10 are as follows:

Mike Bernard

Alan Furley

Jay Egersdorff

Matt Newman

Natasha Wilcox, FuturaRec2Rec

Andrew Dyson

Neil Kane

Phil Dancey

Marcus Francis

Luis Cruz, ConSol Partners

Don’t forget guys. No agency in your team name, no prize. You need to do this next week please or you’ll be too late. That’s the rule.

Manager of the Week

Ben Wilcox, Bauhaus Recruitment.......

Poor Ben. Not only is he trailing behind his female sibling but he omitted to press the Triple Captain confirm button last week for Aguero. That cost him 15 points and also a place in the Top 10. However, he did captain Aguero this week which was fine, but he didn’t plan for Pellegrini to rest KdB before the Real game tonight. His defence was his saviour. Where did Moreno and his two assists come from? Like Liverpool, Ben has little to play for this season other than sneaking into the Top 10 as we fear that his sister’s 30-point lead is just too much to break down in the remaining 3 games.

Well done Ben. Maybe get some tips from Natasha next season?

Page 2 Pacesetter

Isaak Badru ......

With a great score in a short week of 71 points in 61st place, we find Isaak Badru. Liverpool fan Isaak captained Sturridge and also had 10-point, 2 assist Moreno in his side. But Isaak’s piece de la resistance was having 15-point Tadic in his side who got his second highest score of the season.

Welcome to the club, Isaak.

The Best of the Rest

Alex Reid.........

Another newcomer to these pages, Bournemouth fan Alex has had a smashing week with 59 points in 133rd place. With 27 points from Mane, Ulloa and Eriksen, some would say he’s a tad lucky but heho.

Welcome to the newsletter Alex. Maybe try and match your FL efforts to Bournemouth’s efforts next season.

Taxi for...........

Any Stoke defender.......

Leaking 4 goals a game for 3 games on the trot is just awful and it’s just not Stoke. Not the old Stoke anyway, but this new Stoke is getting ridiculous. Just 2 clean sheets since Christmas. It reminds us of the period when Sparky managed City and we had to score 4 to get 3 points.

Get them all binned!

One to watch..........

Daniel Sturridge..........

41 points in 6 games, 5 goals and 2 assists in 6 games. Daniel is on fire. Add to that the DGW and just 7% ownership and you’ve got a bargain. One problem is the price and at £10.1m, you will have to sell a big one. The other issue is injuries. We’d wait until after Liverpool’s away fixture against Villareal on Thursday before committing.

No Brainer!

Team names please

The reason we ask for your agency name as part of your team name is because it’s the only way we can ensure that we are paying the prizes out to the correct managers and that those managers are genuinely in the recruitment industry.

With the latest hacking of our league from semi-professional FL-ers, its even more important. Please help us manage the league better by doing this.

However, those of you who aren’t putting in your team names are missing out on some great publicity for your agency and, as recruiters tend to be competitive creatures, isn’t it better to beat you rivals in business AND in the fantasy league? 

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