Mike Barnard holds on to win the league

So no surprises this season with Mike Barnard holding on to win the league and the £500 prize and Alan Furley not being able to catch him but still holding out for the £100 runners up prize.

Many of the managers have quite rightly, blamed Klopp for their end of season demise with him concentrating his best players on winning the Europa League and simply not playing them in the EPL.

Quite a few of our top 10 from April dropped out of the reckoning because they bet the farm on Liverpool’s double game weeks. Let’s hope Kloppo actually wins the damned thing later this week. Shame also that our only female manager to be consistently in the Top 10, Futura’s Natasha Wilcox, was also a Klopp victim. That glass ceiling still there eh Tash?

And congratulations to Richard Hogg who didn’t even get a mention until last week when he appeared in the Top 10 for the first time. Great late run on the rails Richard.

The top 20 are as follows (last season’s position in brackets):

Mike Barnard (-)

Alan Furley (-)

Jay Egersdorff – ESP (1st)

Marcus Francis (5th)

Matt Newman – Camino (4th)

Richard Hogg (-)

Andrew Dyson (-) (-)

Phil Dancey (-)

Neil Kane (-)

Lee Mitchell, Quanta (-)

Non prize winners

Jonathan Sweasey, PDA Search and Selection

Paul Harron – eQ Resourcing

Sunmade Olukoga, Pari Passu

Dave Cattell

Jon Pheasant

Natasha Wilcox, Futura Rec2Rec

Darren Steel

Adam Grainger

Luis Cruz, ConSol Partners

Andy Tattersfield

Claiming your prize

We’d just like to remind everyone that to claim your prize you must actually be employed in a trading recruitment agency on the final day of the season and be able to prove it. That does exclude managers who work in related support areas such as umbrellas. You must also have the name of your agency in your FL name and of course, you must have both your forename and surname. To do this you go to User Profile at the bottom left of the screen, then log in and go to Update Your Account. You can then add your agency’s name to your Lastname and press submit. We need you to do this so that we can verify that the person claiming the prize is the same person who is on the league table.

To claim your prize, email fantasyfootball@futurarec2rec.com by Friday June 3rd, 2016. Futura will run through some ID and other checks, take your bank details and then send your prize money out shortly afterwards.

If you don’t claim by that time you will forfeit your prize so please make sure it’s done on time and that you set your email for a sent and read receipt. Futura will acknowledge all claims with 24 working hours of receiving them. If you don’t get an acknowledgement please call Futura on 0161 923 9000.

Want to receive the newsletter direct next season?

Please email fantasyfootball@futurarec2rec.com and we’ll put you on the direct mailing list.