Jose alienates badminton players now

Fun and games at The Bridge on Saturday. Costa should have definitely walked and may yet do so depending upon the ref's report, but it would be unlike Jose to do anything but support his thug (sorry, player) 100% and then attack the journo who asked him a very reasonable question. But God, was it funny.

Sky Sports’ Andy Burton described the incident between Costa and Koscielny and suggested that Costa could have had three or four separate yellow cards. Jose then said, “I can guess that when you were a kid you were playing badminton.” Burton replied that he played rugby but Jose was adamant, “You didn’t play rugby. Trust me. You played badminton. It’s a great sport. Badminton is a great sport.”

That was as funny as Kurt Zouma’s middle name, which happens to be Happy. We’re sure he was happy after scoring the opener against Arsenal.

Saturday’s late game was brilliant for City’s attacking play and for the fact that the Hammers have now won 4 out of 6 games with 3 of those wins away at Arsenal, Liverpool and City to put them in an incredible 2nd place that evening. The less fashionable teams are doing fantastically well this season as are their players in the top 20 PFL scorers list.

Of those top 20 scorers, 13 are from the less fashionable sides, 6 are from City and Petr Cech is the only player from the so-called top sides. Something in that for us PFL managers eh?

In our league the top 10 are as follows:

Ahmed Toldo

Matt Blundell

Mohammed Gamal

Martin Scrivens

Sam Bisgrove

Peter Wrigley

Alan Furley

Marc Normanton

Jay Egersdorff

Sazzad Hossain

Manager of the Week

Matt Blundell

Manchester United fan, Matt played his Bench Boost chip this week and what a week to do it. He had United’s 2-goal teenager Martial on the bench but picked up an additional 12 points from him alone and a further 8 to take him into 2nd place. As we said last week, we’re no experts but these chips have got to be better played during a double gameweek, but only time will tell.  Matt’s obviously an experienced PFL manager because he had the league’s leading scorer Callum Wilson as his captain to collect another 14 points to take him to 76 overall.

Brilliant week Matt.

Page 2 Pacesetter

With 72 points in 57th place we find West Ham fan, Djanno Boskan. Djanno, along with a few of the managers that have done well this week, selected Bournemouth defender Simon Francis. For £4.5m he’s doing very well and with 2 assists and a clean sheet to his name he’s now 5th in the Value/Form table with just a 3% ownership. Someone we should all be watching maybe? In addition to Francis, Djanno captained Mahrez and also had Myhill, Hazard and Pelle in his side.

Very creative, Djanno.

The Best of the Rest

In 151st place with a huge 66 points we find Manchester United fan Lee Degnen and despite Lee’s football allegiances, he spurned Callum Wilson for captain in favour of Sergio Aguero. As City fans, we love Sergio but even our patience is running thin after just a single goal and assist all season. Lee’s another manager with Simon Francis in his side and he also had Hazard and Mahrez. The worry is why the other 50% of managers don’t have Mahrez in the side!

A great performance Lee. We’re looking forward to seeing you climbing the league still further.

Taxi for...........

Taxi for Wayne Rooney......

Wayne may well have beaten Bobby Charlton’s England goal scoring record but even the most avid Manchester United fan would concede that he’s actually playing pants, both for England and United. With just a single assist and no goals to his name in his 5 games this season, it’s surprising that he is still owned by over 15% of all managers. Whilst the less glamorous players like Wilson, Ighalo, Pelle and Vardy head up the forwards chart, we wonder how long this will last. However with Long Ball Louis’s tactics and formation desperately unsuitable for The Weave, we just don’t see him up there with at the end of the season.

Get him binned!

One to watch..........

Odion Ighalo

What striker can you buy for £5.0m who has a mere 2% ownership, who has 34 points on the board already and has scored an incredible 4 goals in 6 games?

No Brainer! 

Recruitment Agency People Only Please

It would seem that our sponsor’s very generous prizes are attracting entrants that have nothing at all to do with the recruitment industry. Although we weed them out at the end of the season, it does spoil the enjoyment for those who are genuinely employed in our industry and so we will be making selective removals over the next few weeks. Of course, if we make any mistakes in this process you can email us at and we’ll consider reinstating you. 

Team names please

Now we’re at the business end of the season we’d like to remind all those who have a chance of a prize that we need your agency name as part of your team name. It’s the only way we can ensure that we are paying the prizes out to the correct managers and that those managers are genuinely in the recruitment industry. Thanks. 

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