What happened to the Top 6?

It feels as if the world has turned upside down. The players from the Top 6 sides that should be ripping it up are mainly doing badly and those from sides that shouldn't have had a prayer are doing really well. This week, we're going to have a look at what this actually means per position according to the Form table and see how many of last year's Top 6 are featured.


Like the midfield, there are only 2 Top 6 players featured in the form of Lloris and Cech. The others are WBA, Stoke, Watford and Southampton.


This is the position where we get the best value from our Top 6 players with just Southampton’s van Dijk and Bournemouth’s Cook up there with the Spurs and Chelsea defenders.


This is definitely the less fashionable teams’ territory with only Mata and Sanchez from the Top 6 sides featuring. The others are from Leicester, Southampton and West Ham.


Of the most in-form forwards, only Manchester United’s Martial is from a Top 6 club. The others are from Leicester, Southampton, Watford, Everton and Villa.

So what do we learn from this? Could it be that we should forsake the traditional PFL tactics and spend big on goalies and defenders from the very best teams and fill out the rest with the others? It certainly looks that way at present.

In our league the top 10 are as follows:

Peter Wrigley

Natasha Wilcox, Futura Rec2Rec

Sam Bisgrove

Peter McCarthy

Daniel O’Mahony

Jayan Tarkhala

Martin Scrivens

Andy Dunne

Don Medo

Jay Egersdorff

Our league (in common with quite a few other leagues that offer cash prizes but no entrance fee) seems to have been invaded by lots of people from outside our industry trying to hijack the prizes. We’ve suspended some of the higher-flying suspect ones pending appeal, which means that some of the genuine managers have moved up faster then they thought they might. We’ll do some more weeding-out over the coming weeks so that we’ve got a proper recruitment industry fantasy league. The easiest way to ensure you’re definitely not part of this process is to add your agency name to your team name in your profile settings.

Manager of the Week

Lee Coulbert

What a week for Lee who in 44th place thought he was lucky to be on Page 2, never mind Manager of the Week. A late burst last night from his captain, Romelu Lukaku brought him an amazing 32 points to add to his 20 points for hat trick hero Sanchez and the 9 points from Philippe Coutinho’s 2 assists to make up the bulk of Lee’s amazing 77 points on the week.

What a superb week, Lee.

Page 2 Pacesetter

With 69 points in 83rd place we find yet another Lee, this time Lee Morgan. Taking nothing away from Lee’s amazing performance this week, we have to say that he’s maybe been a tad lucky in that he’s never made a single transfer all season and still has Mings and Benteke in the side. However, the power of the captain pulled him through and a very welcome 40 points for Sanchez made Lee’s week. 

Too busy placing candidates eh Lee?

The Best of the Rest

In 113th place with a huge 71 points we find Chelsea fan Warren Jupp. Even diehards like Warren have given up on the Champions this year with Warren only having 2 Blues in his side. he did, however play his Triple Captain chip banking on Wayne Rooney scoring a bag full against lowly Sunderland. It wasn’t to be was it Wol with ex-Blue Lukaku getting twice as many points. Now if you’d triple captained him you’d be sitting pretty with 87points and be mixing it with the Page 1 crowd.

Well done Warren. We can’t wait for next week.

Taxi for...........

Taxi for Sergio Aguero......

As City fans, we’d never ever believe that we’d put Kun in the taxi, but it just has to be done. We think the final nail in the coffin was when the out-of-form Wayne Rooney went above him in the forwards’ table, but of course Wayne is £3m cheaper than the Argentina Blue. At £13.2m, Kun’s price is massive compared with his performance of just one goal and one assist all season. Over 30% of managers have him in their side, but for how much longer we ask?

Get him binned!

One to watch..........

Maarten Stekelenburg

Only Joe Hart and Boaz Myhill have got more clean sheets this season than the Southampton stopper. At £5.0m with only 1.6% ownership and not a bad run of fixtures, we wonder why more managers have not snapped him up.

No Brainer!

Team names please

The reason we ask for your agency name as part of your team name is because it’s the only way we can ensure that we are paying the prizes out to the correct managers and that those managers are genuinely in the recruitment industry.

With the latest hacking of our league from semi-professional FL-ers, its even more important. Please help us manage the league better by doing this.

However, those of you who aren’t putting in your team names are missing out on some great publicity for your agency and, as recruiters tend to be competitive creatures, isn’t it better to beat you rivals in business AND in the fantasy league?

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