• Jay Egersdorff gets his Hat-trick

    Jay Egersdorff is making this trophy his own with no less than 3 overall wins in the past 4 seasons. Jay from ESP agency in Manchester is now a West Ham fan but when he first won the league, he was a Blackburn fan. Maybe he got fed up of the Venky’s? Who knows, but we think we should be told!

  • Who’s Your Triple Captain?

    Next week, Gameweek 37 is the big one for playing your triple captain chip if you haven’t already done so. Remember, you can only use one chip per week and you can’t play a chip in the same week as a wildcard. Also remember that there are 2 games on Friday so don’t miss the deadline.

  • Short on The Baggies

    Tony Pulis is undoubtedly a great manager with an enviable track record of never being relegated in his life. However, once Pulis’s teams reach that magic 40 points, they seem to take their foot off the gas. This season, The Baggies hit 40 points in gameweek 26 when they beat Bournemouth 2-1. Since then they’ve lost to Palace, Everton, Watford, Southampton and Liverpool and, incredibly, the only two games that they’ve taken points in has been the draw at Old Trafford and beating Arsenal.

  • Week 37 is the big one

    Both Boro and ManU have double gameweeks next week so watch out for the triple captain opportunities if you have Ibra etc, although after the win at Old Trafford last weekend, Ibra’s place cannot be guaranteed for both games. It may be that Jose saves him for his grudge match against Pep on the Thursday. City fans reckon that United have the advantage in this rare Premiership game held on a Thursday because they’re so very used to playing on Thursdays. It will also be held on what City fans call Denis Law Day in remembrance of the Derby held at Old Trafford on that day in 1974 when former Red, Denis Law given a free transfer to City, backheeled the ball into the United net to send them down to the old Second Division.

  • Let’s help our teams in Europe

    Leicester lost their winning momentum in a hugely entertaining contest at Everton but fortunately no more players to injury before their first appearance in a Champions League quarter-final at Atlético Madrid on Wednesday. Wes Morgan, it was confirmed, will miss the game with a back problem. The club’s interim manager Craig Shakespeare did all he could to utilise his resources ahead of the showpiece European occasion, shifting Riyad Mahrez and Danny Simpson to the bench at Goodison Park, withdrawing Jamie Vardy after 61 minutes and giving Christian Fuchs, Shinji Okazaki and Wilfred Ndidi the day off.

  • Don’t forget the midweek games

    Just to remind everyone that we have a new gameweek starting tomorrow for the midweek games.

  • Week 34 could be key

    Some of the rearranged games look to have been rescheduled for Week 34 with half of the Premiership teams having double game weeks. Chelsea Southampton, Arsenal Leicester, Boro Sunderland, Palace Spurs and the Manchester Derby will all be played in that week leaving lots of triple captain opportunities for our managers. The Manchester Derby is on what City fans call Denis Law Day, which is the anniversary of when United’s great hero from the past transferred to City and then helped relegate United to the Second Division with a superb back-heeled goal. Law was so upset that he had to be helped off the field crying. Bless xxxx.

  • Short game weeks begin

    Next week is the first of the short game weeks of the season. We only have 4 games going on next week after City beat Huddersfield to play Boro next Saturday in the FA Cup.

  • Could Leicester emulate Manchester City?

    Manchester City won the 1936-37 Football League and scoring a magnificent 107 goals and only conceding 61 along the way. What made the season sweeter for the Blues was that Manchester United finished second from bottom and were relegated.

  • Are Spurs going to collapse again and what about Burnley?

    For those of us watching MOTD on Saturday, Lineker came up with a very interesting stat.

  • Who does Marco Silva think he is?

    When Hull let Mike Phelan go into the season with only half a squad most of us thought they were doomed and that the owners were only interested in collecting their incredible £97m plus parachute payments over the next three seasons of an even more incredible £86m. As the bloke in the Mail says, you couldn’t make it up.

  • More wildcard ideas

    Most wildcards are played to improve the attacking qualities of our teams for good reason. The Premiership now has so much attacking quality both up front and in midfield, that the accepted wisdom is that you should pay for goals.

  • How the top managers pick their teams.

    The very top managers in the Fantasy League share certain characteristics and this week we’ve got together with our friends at Fantasy Football Geek to let you in on their secrets.

  • Wildcard time is just around the corner.

    With just two gameweeks to play before the next wildcard is available we look at the pros and cons of playing your wildcard early or late.

  • It’s a goal fest.

    City have kept two clean sheets all season. Liverpool just three. Between them, they’ve shipped 13 goals in two weeks.

  • Jose is right. United should be up there at the top.

    Jose keeps saying that his team are the unluckiest in the Prem and should really be up there with the leaders. Most United fans don’t even believe that The Now Not So Special One, does have a point.

  • The assist before the assist.

    Should they change the FPL rules to give credit to the assist before the assist?

  • Is it better to invest in goalies or defenders?

    Last week we asked the question if it’s better to spend your transfer funds on forwards or midfielders. This week, we’re going to examine goalies and defenders and next week, because many managers like to go cheap on their defence, we’re going to look into cheap v expensive defenders.

  • Is it better to invest in strikers or midfielders?

    With midfielders like Hazard, Sanchez and the Liverpool lot playing in basically forward positions and bagging a lot of goals and assists from that, this week we ask the question if it’s better to spend your transfer funds on forwards or midfielders.

  • Is Jose losing it again?

    It’s not been a good start to the season for Jose at Old Trafford. Stuck in 8th place with just 15 points he’s 8 points behind the leaders and there’s a few of them. This time last season Van Gaal was on 20 points and in 4th place and only 2 points behind the leaders. Even worse, the much-derided David Moyes had 17 points and was also in 8th place. It’s just that Moyes’ side had scored more goals.

  • You’re not special anymore

    We thought the Chelsea fans were a tad ungrateful to Jose yesterday. After all, he’d been their most successful manager and they should show him a little more respect which was exactly Jose’s point at the end when he whispered in Conte’s ear and berated him for celebrating too much. We wonder if Taggart did the same when The Special One went sliding down the touchline on his knees at Old Trafford whilst managing Porto?

  • Not even one for the purists

    Well after all the disappointments of the international break, wasn’t it brilliant to get back to the goals, the skills and the controversy of the Prem? And of course, the game of the week, Liverpool against ManU at Anfield with the best pundit in the world, Ryan Giggs making a star appearance?

  • Penalties, penalties, penalties

    James Milner has now scored 4 penalties in the last 7 games making him Liverpool’s top scorer which in a team with as many goals as Liverpool have in them is some going. But is he worth buying and will Liverpool continue to win penalties?

  • Whatever happened to West Ham

    The winning team scored 3 or more goals in 7 out of 10 games this weekend. Even The Baggies got in on the act and the last time they scored 4 was 2 years ago. They’ve only scored more than two once in the past 12 months though.

  • Less clean sheets and more goals

    Have you thought that this season is a bit lacking in clean sheets? So did we so we did a little bit of analysis and that's certainly the case. Up until the end of game week 4 of last season we had a total of 26 clean sheets. This season we only have 17.

  • Hold fire on your wildcards

    The received wisdom for those of us managers who are having what golfers call a son-in-law (not quite what we expected) at this early stage in the season is to play our first wildcard soon. After all, if the team we’ve chosen is that bad we want to change it for something better asap and get as many gameweeks in with our new and better team.

  • United still on same points as City. Hull City that is

    Hull have been absolutely brilliant in their first two games but whatever you do, don’t run away with the idea that they could do a Leicester or even a Bournemouth. Mike Phelan has spent almost his entire post playing career as a coach or an assistant manager and spending 5 years as Taggart’s number 2 can’t have done him any harm at all. He’s been able to put all that experience to great use at the KCOM. However, with just 13 fit senior players in his squad and 10 short days before the end of the current window, Hull’s chances of having anything but a desperate campaign are slim indeed.

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