How the top managers pick their teams.

The very top managers in the Fantasy League share certain characteristics and this week we’ve got together with our friends at Fantasy Football Geek to let you in on their secrets.


The all play 3-4-3 unless injuries and suspensions prevent this.


The top managers concentrate on those players that are highly owned. Of their 7 midfield and striker options, 5 players will have a high ownership percentage. The next two will be players with less ownership but with a good run of fixtures ahead of them. The final player will be a cheap midfielder who isn’t really relevant here. They’re worried that if they don’t own the top 5 players, they’ll get left behind if these players score well in a particular gameweek.

Attacking defenders

They tend to only select attacking defenders.

Captain’s choice

They usually go for the most popular captain that week. It’s very conservative, but they won’t get left behind. The biggest danger to them is when there’s a 50/50 choice of captain. You can get the captain stats before the gameweek on most of the specialist Fantasy sites.

Double gameweeks and Chips

They tend not to waste Chips on ordinary weeks but save them for double gameweeks. However, last season the double gameweeks were ruined by rotations. Let’s see what happens this year, but it’s probably best to avoid Liverpool players.


A hit is where you transfer too many players and lose 4 points a player. The best managers avoid hits like the plague but sometimes take them when they’ve had a catastrophe like an injury or suspension.

In our league, the Top 10 are as follows:

Jay Egersdorff, ESP

Stuart Burton, FuturaRec2Rec

Rob Smith

Marc Cohen

Adam Kaye

Chris McEnaney

Allan Fullarton

Jonathan Sweasey, PDA Search and Selection

Sam Bisgrove

Keith Sammons

Manager of the Week

Neil Arnold.......

Wow. Or a Spurs fan to win MOTW is rare enough, but when we tell you that he got 22 of his 83 points from Sanchez and Giroud and that he left 6-point Walker on the bench you can see that he was expecting that Arsenal would trounce Bournemouth and that Chelsea would do the same to Spurs last night. It wasn’t to be but what a great score anyway Neil. 83 points when the average is just 49 is great.

Welcome to the newsletter Neil.

Page 2 Pacesetter

Mike Barnard......

With 77 points in 53rd place we’ve got last season’s overall winner, Mike Barnard. You may well ask, just as we are doing, as to why last season’s winner is languishing in 53rd place. Who knows? He’s got an excellent team even before he’s played his January wildcard.

Answers on a postcard please.

The Best of the Rest

Dave Ellis......

At 142nd place with 71 points we find Dave Ellis. Dave bet the farm on Aguero demolishing Burnley and played his Triple Captain Chip. His heart must have been in his mouth when the teams were announced and Kun was on the bench. TC wouldn’t have been quite the same with 2-points Costa eh Dave?


Taxi for...........

Kevin de Bruyne......

Although Kev has scored more points than any other City player, he’s off the boil at the moment and at £10.6m that doesn’t really work in the FL. If you look at the value/form table for City players, Kev is 10th which for a game that plays 11 in a team is a tad worrying. Sterling at £7.7m seems a better choice at this point in time, if you want a City player at all that is.

Get him binned!

One to watch..........

Gylfi SigDeli Alli………

Last season, Alli got 10 goals and 12 assists. This season, he’s bagged his 10 goals already, 7 of which have come in the last 4 games. He’s obviously the top of the form table and the Spurs fans are tweeting that he’s scored as many as the whole Arsenal squad in the last 4 games. Funny. At just £8.4m and an ownership of 12.5% he’s a bargain.

No Brainer!

Team of the Week

With our Norwegian friend, Knut Hebaek still at the top, we’re going to look at the 2nd placed manager again. Putera Fiez is from Malaysia and booked an amazing 103 points this week to leave him with 1,275 points overall despite having Defoe as his 3rd sub. Well, even the best make mistakes sometimes.

So, what’s his team this week?

De Gea











His subs were

Jakupovic, Azpilicueta, Ake, Defoe

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