More wildcard ideas

Most wildcards are played to improve the attacking qualities of our teams for good reason. The Premiership now has so much attacking quality both up front and in midfield, that the accepted wisdom is that you should pay for goals.

The only problem with this theory is that most of the teams above you in your mini league have already done the same and we all know that one FL team merges into another by this time in the season. There’s no room for you to get any differential over those above you and climb up the league unless you are a little cleverer than them and pick some up and coming players. Well, if that was true, you wouldn’t be where you are now, would you?

The other alternative is to go heavy on your defence. Pick four of the very best defenders, add in a 5th from a team that doesn’t do too bad and a cheap but in-form keeper like Heaton and the cheapest 2nd keeper you can find.

Now fill up with 3 of the best goal-scoring midfielders you can afford and a one good striker. Fill the rest up with players from the Value/Form table.

The reason that this may work is that although teams have been scoring more goals they haven’t been scoring more against the top defensive sides whose defenders still offer good value for money.

Happy hunting!

In our league, the Top 10 are as follows:

Jay Egersdorff, ESP

Marc Cohen

Stuart Burton, FuturaRec2Rec

Adam Kaye

Rob Smith

Jonathan Sweasey, PDA Search and Selection

Chris McEnaney

Sam Bisgrove

Allan Fullarton

Mark Mayall

Manager of the Week

Phil Anthony.......

City fan Chris has had a stonking week with no less than 84 points. His defence has been particularly productive with Foster, Coleman, McAuley and Cahill all registering clean sheets and the three outfield players also getting goals or assists.

Welcome to the newsletter Phil.

Page 2 Pacesetter

Jon Pheasant......

With 81 points in 74th place we’ve got a man who used to always be up there in the Top 10. What happened Jon? Another manager with a rock solid defence (seems to back up the leading article above) similar to Phil’s above but with Koscielny instead of Foster. If we had better officials of course, the penalty won by Koscielny wouldn’t have been allowed and the favourite captain of the week wouldn’t have scored his 98th minute pen.

Nice to see you back, Jon.

The Best of the Rest

Megan Willey......

At 113th place with no less than 103 points we find the Sponsor’s Senior Resourcer Megan Willey of Futura Rec2Rec. City fanatic Megan doesn’t normally feature on these pages but she’s been burrowing away for the last few weeks and this week has hit the jackpot. Her only let-down has been Boro’s Ben Gibson but KdB more than made up for that as her captain.

A great week Megs!

Taxi for...........

Jonny Evans......

The ex-Manchester United man is injured at present but he still is a popular choice from those days when Tony Pulis’s teams were great defenders who couldn’t score for toffee. This week’s clean sheet is the first they’ve kept since Gameweek 3.

Get him binned!

One to watch..........

Tom Davies………

Everton’s home grown midfielder is the real deal for sure. He’s only started the last three games for the Toffeemen, but in those, they beat Southampton 3-0, City 4-0 and Palace 1-0. And this frighteningly confident young man has bagged himself a goal and two assists, not to mention the 3 clean sheets bringing him 20 points in 3 games. At £4.4m, a 1% ownership and a haircut like Steve McManaman he’s a snip. 

No Brainer!

Team of the Week

Our Norwegian friend, Knut Hebaek is STILL at the top, so we’re going to look at the 2nd placed manager again. Arutla Jatin is a ManU fan from India. Nothing surprising there then. This week he’s booked a very creditable 86 points this week to leave him with 1,422 points.

So, what’s his team this week?












His subs were

Jakupovic, McArthur, Holabas, Amat

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Futura candidate