Are Spurs going to collapse again and what about Burnley?

For those of us watching MOTD on Saturday, Lineker came up with a very interesting stat.

Since Pochettino arrived at White Hart Lane, Spurs have only recorded one away win against the Top 6 sides in a total of 15 games.

Wow. That’s some stat eh and it probably has a bearing on where they might finish this term. They were completely outplayed by Liverpool at the weekend who exposed them time and time again.

Last season they looked like they could win it before collapsing at the end and finishing below Arsenal despite the Spud’s unattractive bragging all season. This season, could they be found out and finish 5th or even 6th although ManU seem to have a monopoly on that one? We have to remember that Pochettino is still a rookie manager and has yet to win a single trophy in all of his managerial career. As a club, Spurs have only won 3 trophies in the last 30 years; two League Cups and one FA Cup.

Time will tell but our money is on both the North London clubs failing to qualify for the Champions League.

Haven’t Burnley done well?

With 30 points in the bag from 25 games they are surely safe but what a strange difference they have between their home form and their away form.

If the table was just based on home results, Burnley would now be 4th. If it was based on away results, they’d be last with 10 defeats and 1 draw all season. That said, they’ve only been thumped by West Brom and Leicester and the single draw they had?

Away at Old Trafford.

In our league, the Top 10 are as follows:

Jay Egersdorff, ESP

Marc Cohen

Stuart Burton, FuturaRec2Rec

Allan Fullarton

Jonathan Sweasey, PDA Search and Selection

Jon Martin

Adam Kaye

Chris McEnaney

Mark Mayall

Neil Arnold

Manager of the Week

Craig Courtman.......

Arsenal fanatic Craig obviously went for Sanchez and his Hand of God for his captain this week. How the rest of us wished we’d done the same! Craig also profited from Stoke’s Allen bagging a goal along with the now prolific McAuley and Siggy getting his usual assist.

A tough week to get 74 points Craig. Well done.

Page 2 Pacesetter

Joe Mellor......

A very well done to Joe Mellor who actually works for one of our sponsor’s rivals. Just goes to show how fair FuturaRec2rec are eh? Stoke fan Joe picked Grant in nets for a useful 7 points but Crouch didn’t quite do the business for him this week.

Welcome to the newsletter Joe. Any time you want another……..

The Best of the Rest

Richard Turrell......

When we saw Richard’s score of 90, we thought he must have played his triple captain chip on Sanchez, but no. He did however, play his benchboost but that didn’t get him this many points. His defence alone brought him 32 points and when you add that to Wijnaldum and Sanchez as captain it’s a great week.

Very well done Richard!

Taxi for...........

West Brom defenders (except McAuley that is)......

Last season, West Brom were joint 7th in the clean sheet table with 11. The season before they were 2nd with an incredible 16. So far this season they’re 15th with just 5. The funny thing is that if you look at how many goals they’re conceding, there’s very little difference between this season and the previous two seasons. But it’s clean sheets that us Fantasy Managers want and Pulis just isn’t living up to his reputation.

West Brom defenders?

Get them binned!

One to watch..........

Gylfi SigPeter Crouch………

With 4 goals and 2 assists in the last 7 games Crouchy seems to have got the nod from Mark Hughes as a first-choice player. Even on Saturday, when he didn’t bag anything he was tireless and just worked his socks off. He’s 2nd in the Value/Form table for strikers and at £4.9m with just a 6% ownership we think he’s a….

No Brainer!

Team of the Week

With Knut Hebaek still at the top we’re having a look at third placed David Thibeault. David’s booked a very creditable 80 points this week to leave him with 1,590 points.

So, what’s his team?












His subs were

Foster, Philips, Walker, Allen

Not bad eh?

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