Hold fire on your wildcards

The received wisdom for those of us managers who are having what golfers call a son-in-law (not quite what we expected) at this early stage in the season is to play our first wildcard soon. After all, if the team we’ve chosen is that bad we want to change it for something better asap and get as many gameweeks in with our new and better team.

For those managers who are considering this, don’t do it just yet. We still have to wait until Wednesday to see who will be transferred to who and then we need to ensure that our choices aren’t hit by injuries in the international break.

So should we do it just after the break and before gameweek 4?

We’d advise that you hold fire a touch and have a peek at those managers who are at the very top of the overall league and copy their ideas the best you can.

Is that allowed? It certainly is.

Is it fair? Well, let’s face it, you pinch your mates’ ideas all the time so why not pinch some ideas from those managers who really know what they’re doing? 

Happy hunting.

In our league, the Top 10 are as follows:

Chris McEnaney

James O’Sullivan

Mike Bernard

James Ryan

Phil Squires

Sam Bisgrove

Rod Plowe

Adam Grainger

Jon Pheasant

Jay Egersdorff

Manager of the Week

NAllan Fullartoneil Kane.......

85 points on a week like this is certainly one to behold. Allan chose Hazard as his captain and TC’d him for a superb 33 points. We actually think you should save your chips for later in the season when the double gameweeks occur, but if you’re going to play them early, then it’s best to go really early like Allan and make some clear progress up the league.

Big call Allan. Well done.

In a week when th average points was just 33, Neil Kane’s 64 is absolutely brilliant. Neil has got some form in our league and was still in the Top 10 in gameweek 33 last season so he’s hardly a novice. Neil scored 45 points from his defence alone and added to having that irritating Vardy as his captain, bucked the trend. There’s still time for Neil to make that Top 10 if he keeps this up.

Come on Neil, go for it!

Page 2 Pacesetter

Tim Gorman......

Tim’s team is named after Madrid’s version of Spurs, Colonel Getafe but this avid Manchester United fan had a full complement of his OT defensive favourites in there this week and they brought him 20 points. Add a midfield of Sanchez and Hazard and Vardy up front and you get a full 82 points. And that’s with 7 point Drinkwater on the bench and no chips played.

With this performance, we expect Tim to be challenging the Top 10 any time soon.

Sam Bisgrove......

Another blast from the past. Sam finished last season’s table in overall 6th place. He’s now languishing on Page 2, and we all wonder what’s happened to him? Anyway, 67 points is not to be sniffed at in a gameweek like this. Sam didn’t even take the easy way out going for a 5 man defence but took the game to everyone with his 5 man midfield with Arnautovic and Ozil gaining him 26 points alone.

What a great week Sam.

Try and make page 1, next week mate.

The Best of the Rest

Will Hadley......

At 107th place with 68 points we find Will Hadley. Will was another who captained Hazard and with Sterling, Fer, Shaw Terry and De Gea in there as well, you can see how he scored so well this week.

Well done Will. A big push for Page 2 needed now mate.

Taxi for...........

Gylfi Sigurdsson.......

Alexis Sanchez.......

What on Earth has happened to the boy wonder since he returned from injury in gameweek 23? He’s scored just over2 points a game, that’s what. £11m and 13% ownership says that you should get shut ASAP. 

Not quite what we expected from either Swansea or the Icelander who had delivered so consistently for us in previous seasons. This time out, he’s amassed just 4 points from 3 games and doesn’t look like he’s getting any better.

Get him binned!

One to watch..........

Leroy FerGylfi Sigurdsson..........

Although Sigurdsson isn’t playing too well, his midfield colleague at Swansea, Leroy Fer is having a superb season so far. 2 goals and 20 points from just 3 games makes him the fifth best midfielder in the league and he’s only got an 8.5% ownership.

No Brainer!

Team of the Week

The top manager of the whole league this week is Norway’s Christian Hunstad who scored 96 points this week alone to take him to an incredible 239 points.

So what’s his team?












His subs were

Jakupovic, Gray, Routledge and Naughton

Not bad eh?

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