Who’s Your Triple Captain?

Next week, Gameweek 37 is the big one for playing your triple captain chip if you haven’t already done so. Remember, you can only use one chip per week and you can’t play a chip in the same week as a wildcard. Also remember that there are 2 games on Friday so don’t miss the deadline.

The teams with double gameweeks in week 37 are as follows:











So, who are the best Triple Captain choices?

You can probably discount ManU with Herrera their most in form player followed closely by de Gea. Would you bet the farm on Rashford? Southampton are another no-no and will already relegated Sunderland suddenly bag a load of goals? Maybe not. Watford are more or less safe and Pulis’s teams just go on strike after they’ve reached 40 points.

So, we’re probably down to Arsenal, Chelsea, City, Leicester and Spurs.

Arsenal have a reasonable run of games and have to win them all to realistically get in the Top 4. Neither Ozil nor Sanchez, despite his goal last night are making the earth move, so we’d ditch them. Leicester only have Vardy and despite his recent record of 5 goals in 8 games, he has to play Spurs and a Kompany-assisted City away. He’s only got a 14% ownership though and so he’s worth a roll of the dice to give you a differential over your nearest rivals, as long as they don’t have him also.

Are Spurs going to have their end of season wobble? If they keep going, Harry has got 2 goals and 2 assists in his last 4 games and looks good. Eriksen has 2 goals and 4 assists in his last 6 games and Alli has only achieved a goal and an assist in his last 4 games and is therefore due a few. Spurs haven’t got an easy run-in but all the games are winnable, however ManU, Leicester and Hull are hardly going to let the Spuds walk over them.

City have got their talisman Aguerooooooo out for at least one of the games and it’s a risk to choose Jesus because he might not play every match, particularly if Kun returns but Pep is a big fan of the young Brazilian and he does know where the onion bag is. The alternative at The Etihad is KdB, who’s bagged 34 points in his last 4 games but will he do it against a packed Leicester defence?

However, of all the contenders Chelsea have easily got the best run-in with WBA (A) and Watford (H) this week followed by Sunderland (H) in the final game. They also have the confidence of winning the league and so for us, it’s a straight choice between Hazard and Costa for your TC this week.

Agency names please

Will those who are in with a chance of winning something this season please note the agency names rule and that means changing your team name to include that of your agency. Otherwise, you could be any old Tom, Dick or Harry from outside recruitment and we wouldn’t know. No agency name, no prize, sorry.

Mark Cohen, Mark Mayall, Marcus Francis, Adam Kaye, Ashley Morris, Rick Foster, Mark Cox, Matt Holbrook and Rob Smith in particular need to take note.

In our league, Jay Egersdorff looks to have built himself an unassailable lead as usual. We wonder how Jay gets the time to place any candidates. Our Top 10 are as follows:

Jay Egersdorff, ESP

Marc Cohen

Jonathan Sweasey, PDA Search and Selection

Neil Arnold, Barker Munro Recruitment

Marcus Francis

Stuart Burton, FuturaRec2Rec

Oli Ottey, GM

Martin Deavin

Mike Barnard

Manager of the Week

Mike Barnard.......

Last year’s overall winner, Mike Barnard’s broke the ton and gone into the Top 10 having done next to nothing all season! With 106 points on the week, Boro fan Mike chose Sanchez as his triple captain and the Chilean delivered no less than 42 points for him which is 3.5 times what his combined attack delivered.

Very well done Mike. We hope to see more of you next season.

Page 2 Pacesetter

Wes Farrington......

Last season, back in gameweek 8, Wes was in the Top 10 and ended up on Page 3. He’s not done much better now. Must be because he’s fat and married? Anyway, 100 points is not to be sniffed at particularly when you have Ozil as your captain and Wes didn’t even play a chip.

Well done Wes. Come on mate. You’re really good at this game when you try!

The Best of the Rest

Iain Brassell.....

With 76 points in 126th place we find a newbie to this newsletter, Iain Brassell. City fan Iain, had Sterling and KdB in his team and would have had Stones if he wasn’t injured. Iain’s a proper fan but we notice that he’s also in the Stretford Conservative Club mini league. We’re suspicious about this given that there are very few City fans and even less Conservatives in Stretford.

We think we should be told!

Taxi for...........

Etienne Capoue…….

Still owned by nearly a quarter of all managers because of his great start to the season but apart from a goal against Swansea a few weeks back he hasn’t scored since GameWeek 12. And with Watford still having to play City, Chelsea and Everton maybe you should just ….

Get him binned!

One to watch..........

Vincent Kompany………

Big Vince has transformed City’s defence with 3 clean sheets in the last 4 games since he returned from injury. He’s so good that he makes his central defensive partner, the hapless Otamendi actually look quite good. Oh, and he’s bagged two goals in the last 4 games. With just a 1.8% ownership it really is a ……….

No Brainer!

Team of the Week

Mervyn Glasgow is number one in 17 of his 18 leagues. He’s actually number 9 in the overall league. Merv is a Spurs fan from Northern Ireland and has scored a very respectable 72 points this week to bring him to a total of 2,248.

So, what’s his team?

De Gea











His subs were

Pickford, Stephens, Holgate, De Roon

Not bad eh?

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Team names please

The reason we ask for your agency name as part of your team name is because it’s the only way we can ensure that we are paying the prizes out to the correct managers and that those managers are genuinely in the recruitment industry.

With the latest hacking of our league from semi-professional FL-ers, its even more important. Please help us manage the league better by doing this.

However, those of you who aren’t putting in your team names are missing out on some great publicity for your agency and, as recruiters tend to be competitive creatures, isn’t it better to beat you rivals in business AND in the fantasy league?


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