Whatever happened to West Ham

The winning team scored 3 or more goals in 7 out of 10 games this weekend. Even The Baggies got in on the act and the last time they scored 4 was 2 years ago. They’ve only scored more than two once in the past 12 months though.

However, a couple of the biggest shocks so far this season are the dreadful defending of Stoke and West Ham. We asked ex-Hammer and friend of this newsletter, Trevor Sinclair for his views on what’s gone wrong with his former club after such a great last season and their move to the London Stadium.

Trevor thinks that the players have just stopped working as hard as they did last season when they went unbeaten at home between August and April. If you look at any measure, this season’s team just aren’t at the races and with only Antoni and Payet in the top 60 FL players, the rest of them need to be ditched. Despite their record so far, 10% of managers are still hanging onto Collins who looks all at sea at best.

Their stats on Saturday were actually ok with 70% possession, 23 shots on goal and no less than 17 key passes. They were undone by individual errors by Masuaku and Ogbonna in particular. However, they do have a little window of opportunity coming up with 3 out of the next 4 games at home and those opponents being Southampton, Boro and Sunderland with Palace away. If they don’t get through those games with a few points, then they really are in trouble.

In our league, the Top 10 are as follows:

Adam Kaye

Sam Hackett

Steven Johns

Sam Bisgrove

James O’Sullivan

Andy Dunne

Bartley Hilliam

Seamus Tunney

James Ryan

Jay Egersdorff

Manager of the Week

NRob Smitheil Kane.......

Last week’s Page Two Pacesetter is this week’s Manager of the Week with a fantastic 85 points. Rob has a really cheap front three of Rondon, Benteke and Wilson so where did he spend his dough? Well, he’s got £3.5m in the bank to start with (waiting for Aguero’s return maybe?) He’s got KdB as his captain along with Sanchez but just Mane and Redmond after that. Walker and Fuchs did well for him in defence but all in all, Rob’s scored a lot from very few.

You’re on some run Rob.

In a week when th average points was just 33, Neil Kane’s 64 is absolutely brilliant. Neil has got some form in our league and was still in the Top 10 in gameweek 33 last season so he’s hardly a novice. Neil scored 45 points from his defence alone and added to having that irritating Vardy as his captain, bucked the trend. There’s still time for Neil to make that Top 10 if he keeps this up.

Come on Neil, go for it!

Page 2 Pacesetter

Nadeem Valecha......

With 73 points in 76th place we’ve got Nadeem Valecha. Nadeem went for a classic forward line of Costa, Lukaku and Iheanacho but choosing Hazard as captain didn’t really work. However, Capoue, Snodgrass and Mahrez chipped in with 24 points so happy days.

It’s a good team Nadeem. Welcome to the newsletter.

Sam Bisgrove......

Another blast from the past. Sam finished last season’s table in overall 6th place. He’s now languishing on Page 2, and we all wonder what’s happened to him? Anyway, 67 points is not to be sniffed at in a gameweek like this. Sam didn’t even take the easy way out going for a 5 man defence but took the game to everyone with his 5 man midfield with Arnautovic and Ozil gaining him 26 points alone.

What a great week Sam.

Try and make page 1, next week mate.

The Best of the Rest

Adam Eld......

At 116th place with 72 points we find Adam Eld. A couple of seasons ago, Adam was up there in the Top 10 every week. We wonder what happened to him? Too busy making placements? Found a girlfriend? We think we should be told.

Well done Adam but you need to be back where you belong mate. Kevin Atkinson.........

With a massive 57 points in 105thplace, Kevin Atkinson has had a superb week. Arnautovic, Schmeichel, Francis and Morgan were Kevin’s key players this week, but his whole squad looks miles better than a Page 3 team.

Very well done Kevin.

Taxi for...........

N’Golo Kante.......

Alexis Sanchez.......

What on Earth has happened to the boy wonder since he returned from injury in gameweek 23? He’s scored just over2 points a game, that’s what. £11m and 13% ownership says that you should get shut ASAP. 

Just because Chelsea paid £30m for the ex-Leicester midfielder doesn’t mean he’s going to be good in your fantasy league side but an incredible 18% of managers seem to disagree with us. He’s £4.9m and has scored an average of 2 points per game this season. For that price you could get Etienne Capoue and his 41 points instead.

Get him binned!

One to watch..........

Islam SlimaniGylfi Sigurdsson..........

When Leicester paid Sporting £29m for the Algerian we’re sure you were with us in saying “Islam who?”

Well, he well and truly made his mark over the weekend with 2 goals against Burnley but we shouldn’t be too surprised. Last season he scored an incredible 27 goals in 33 league appearances and Leicester have a superb track record of unearthing great players from lower leagues and unfashionable countries. He might be a little expensive at £8.5m but if he keeps this up he’ll be a bargain and that 0.6% ownership will go through the roof.

No Brainer!

Team of the Week

The top manager of the whole league this week is India’s Devanshu Save who scored 77 points this week to take him to an incredible 371 points.

So what’s his team?











Lukaku (C)

His subs were

Jakupovic, Coutinho, Negredo, Evans

Not bad eh?

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