Not even one for the purists

Well after all the disappointments of the international break, wasn’t it brilliant to get back to the goals, the skills and the controversy of the Prem? And of course, the game of the week, Liverpool against ManU at Anfield with the best pundit in the world, Ryan Giggs making a star appearance?

Honestly, we wished we’d washed our hair instead of watching that bore fest last night. Liverpool couldn’t pass to a red shirt and United played a flat back 6 with 2 sitting in front of them. The Special One was happy with 33% possession and the hope of a goal from a set piece. So unambitious. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

The problem with Liverpool for us FL managers (apart from their defence) is who’s going to play with only Mane and Firmino getting full minutes so far. You’d risk a bet on Lallana as well but injuries……

Chelsea looked the real deal at last with their new 3-4-3 set up giving Hazard a more central role and the possibility of more goals. We shouldn’t overlook the wing backs here with both Moses and Alonso looking good.

Penalties, Penalties. A gameweek when Aguero, KdB and Benteke all missed penalties favoured those managers that went for Costa or Sanchez and racked up 18 points instead of minus points. Aguero has now missed 4 out of 8 penalties he’s taken in all competitions including internationals this season but his overall record is 29 out of 37 so you can imagine Pep investing in extra training rather than finding a replacement.

In our league, the Top 10 are as follows:

Jay Egersdorff

Adam Kaye

Rob Smith

Glenn Mason

Seamus Tunney

Andy Dunne

Jack Lakin

Richard Hogg

Nathan Green

Sam Hackett

For those of you who haven’t been members of the league before may we point out that Jay Egersdorff has won the overall prize twice so far. Be afraid!

Manager of the Week

Steve Pardoe.......

84 points in a week when the average is just 39 is a brilliant score. Start with Steve’s goalie, Stekelenburg who saved not one but two penalties against KdB and Aguero on Saturday for an amazing 17 points. Add Jose Holebas in defence with his goal against Boro for 15 points, Valencia’s CS, Joe Allen’s double strike and Sanchez’s assist and who needs a striker. 

What a week Steve!

Page 2 Pacesetter

Dan Munday......

With 77 points in 57th place we’ve got Dan Munday. Dan was another one with Stekelenburg in goal but he also had 15 points Austin and captained Walcott for 26 points. Imagine if Theo had put away his other 2 chances eh Dan? Dan was actually in our top 10 on week 2 so we’re glad he’s got his mojo back.

Welcome back to the newsletter Dan.

The Best of the Rest

James Mackinnon......

At 125th place with 65 points we find James Mackinnon. There’s no way that James should be in this position with a team as good as this. We can only assume that he’s just played his wildcard. Unlike the rest of us, James’ front three actually produced this week with Costa (c), Wilson and Lukaku bringing him 35 points alone. The first time we introduced this award it was won by non-other than James but he disappeared after that.

With this team James, you can go places.

Taxi for...........

Riyad Mahrez.......

13% of us still have Mahrez in our team despite Leicester’s poor start to the season and the player’s even poorer start. Just a single goal and single assist in 8 games has brought us an average of just less than 3 points a game which is not enough at £9.2m

Get him binned!

One to watch..........

Nacer Chadli.........

With an amazing 4 goals and 2 assists in the space of 4 games Chadli looks like he’s rediscovering his form of 2 seasons ago when he bagged 11 goals and 6 assists. With just 4% ownership at £6.5m makes him a…

No Brainer!

Team of the Week

The top manager of the whole league this week is England’s James Baker.  James scored 90 points this week despite leaving 20 on the bench to take him to an incredible 548 points.

So what’s his team?







Walcott (c)





His subs were

Heaton, Lukaku, Valencia, Williams

Not bad eh?

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